<--“I told myself: Let everyone else call your idea crazy… just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where “there” is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop” (Knight 5).

In this scene on Futurama, Leela's ship got hit by another ship and the engine was blown. While still maintaining her ship, Fry repeatedly says, "Fix it Fix it Fix it" because he is worried that they will die from the damaged ship. This scene is similar to the beginning of the memoir, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Phil Knight, the creator of Nike, has the idea to make a shoe company which was a crazy and strange idea at the time. The shoe industry was dominated by Adidas so Knight knew that creating a new company would be difficult but he never lost hope. Also Fry was in a life or death situation which was similar to when Knight said “ Life is growth. You grow or you die” (Knight 145).

The image illuminates the quotes because in this scene, Fry is worried that he will die. He repeatedly yells at Leela to fix the engine so that he won't die which is similar to the quotes. On page 5, Knight says, "Whatever comes, just don't stop" and on page 145, Knight says, "You grow or you die". When connecting both of these quotes, Knight says that stopping your idea and losing perseverance to do what you want, you will die which is illustrated by the scene. Fry believes he is in a life or death situation so he consistently yells at Leela to fix the ship to make sure there is no risk of death.The quote illuminates the ideas in the scene because Fry is repeatedly telling Leela to fix the wrecked ship which is a crazy idea to Leela. Like the quote says, Fry is not stopping even though Leela is not answering and thinks it is a crazy idea to fix the ship. In the scene and image above, Leela,the girl piloting the ship does not look afraid and doesn't pay attention to Fry showing that she believes that Fry's request is crazy and dumb. However, Fry continuously tells Leela to fix the ship which the quote says to do.

The selected quote is important to the text because it is what drives Knight to keep his new company alive. In the memoir, Knight goes through a lot of struggles because of his company but keeps persevering to live up to his word. He demonstrates his will to keep going and not stop his company from growing even though he is faced with many roadblocks. The whole memoir is about him overcoming the struggles that came with the creation of Nike so the quote which is about determination represents the text. 

As of today, Nike is one of the biggest producers of shoes and one of the most famous companies in the world. The creator, Phil Knight, went through many tough situations to keep his company alive in the beginning days and with his perseverance, he was able to fulfill his dream to be the world's largest shoe distributor. Without his strong will to never stop, you would't be wearing the shoes you are wearing right now. However, in this advanced world, how many of us really have the will and desire to continue our idea like Knight? 

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