“Standing there beside all his fans, she felt something well up inside her, and she realized that she was saying goodbye. There would be other opportunities, of course, at dinner tonight and maybe even tomorrow before he left, a proper farewell where they would say all the usual things: We’ll keep in touch and I'll miss you and Thanks for everything” (Smith, 391)

            Saying goodbye to somebody whom has drastically impacted your life is one of the most painful and heart-wrenching things that you will ever have to do. In the TV show Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Christopher seem to always come back to one another but have to part to soon from things beyond their reach. This makes whenever they're together seem as if they are counting down the days until goodbye because they know it won't ever last. This quote illuminates this picture because as they look into each other's eyes, all they can see is the same goodbyes (that rhymed and I'm very proud of it). In the novel, This is What Happiness Looks Like, Ellie and Graham only have 3 weeks together before Graham has to go back to L.A. making the inevitable departure loom closer each and every day. This quote fits with the picture because the sadness in knowing goodbye is near makes them want to hold onto each other more and more because soon they can't even do that at all.

        The two different couples both have their moments where the butterflies in their stomachs stop the words from coming out: “I'm afraid once your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron” -Lorelai Gilmore. This means that they learn to understand that the words they say to each other don't even begin to describe the feelings that are trapped inside their fast beating hearts. But, from the looks in each other's eyes as they say those words seem to say more than the words themselves, chilling them right into their cores. For example, Ellie though, “‘Thank you’ she said, feeling that the words weren't big enough to contain all that she really wanted to say. But it seemed to her right then that he understood, and that somehow, it was enough” (Smith, 400). There isn't enough words in the human language to describe how we really feel in our goodbyes and normal dialogue, but when one heart truly touches another, those words melt away and it is known what the other means.

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