What if One Person Could Control the Entire Cyber World?

According to the International Telecommunications Union, 3.7 Billion people around the world have the ability to use the internet. That's nearly half of the world’s population. Imagine if one single person had the power to control everyone who accesses the internet. If someone with the wrong intentions harnesses the power to control the interworld, the implications can be catastrophic. As the world continues to technologically advance, this topic becomes more and more conceivable. James Dashner's The Eye of Minds ventures upon this topic through the gaming life of a hacker by the name Michael. He and two of his friends are tasked with fighting a cyberterrorist named Kaine. Michael and his friends enter uncharted territory when dealing with Kaine. During their journey, the reader learns a lot about Michael. One characteristic that stands out in Michael is his courage. Another idea that is prevalent all throughout the story is a coming of an age. This comes from Dashner's creative setting and plot line.

The story revolves around Michael, a renowned teenage hacker who plays virtual reality video games. The system that Michael plays on, the Virtnet, has the ability to make a player feel as if the game is going on in his/her life. One time, while playing a game called Lifeblood, Michael encounters a suicidal player. He tries to help her but she ultimately kills herself. He later learns that a cyberterrorist by the name Kaine controlled that player's life. He has taken over the lives of many other players and forced them to end their lives. Michael is horrified by the news but wants to bring justice to Kaine. Later on in the story, Michael is hired by Virtnet Security, along with two of his closest hacker friends Bryson and Sarah, to find Kaine and end him for good. Michael is struck early on in his voyage when both of his friends are killed in the game (But they thankfully are not killed in real life.) Michael, distraught and lonely, realized that he needed to continue on their mission. If you were to be in Michael’s shoes imagine being sent out into space, a huge, vast area of darkness. You need to find someone, who could be anywhere, but you don't have any idea of what to do. And added into that, you are under constant threat of an invisible being trying to kill you. That's what Michael faced. This was one of the many instances where one distinguished characteristic of Michaels is most prevalent: His courage.

This story might seem unrealistic in the present day with the Virtnet Gaming system having the ability to take players into wake, where they can play the game as if they were in the real life world. Yes, hackers and cyber bullies exist online but never has a cyberterrorist done so much damage to people all over the world. As the globe continues to advance technologically, the ability for error expands. I think James Dashner wants the reader to see an underlying idea of a new age. By using the setting and the plot in his story, Dashner wants the readers to notice the dangers of living in an interconnected world. The author sends a call for action by using the antagonist, Kaine. Kaine represents the real life evils that live in the dwellings of the interworld. Dashner also uses the protagonist Michael, to show that humans have the ability to stop these dangers even before they start. In the end Dashner wants all users of the interworld to take precautions and be careful when using to internet. Dashner wrote this book in an effort to inform people that the world is drastically changing, and precautions are necessary for the safety and well being of all internet users.

I enjoyed reading James Dashner's The Eye of Minds. I like to read stories that can paint a picture of what the future may look like. At the same time, this book made me go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Dashner brings about a very important idea about a coming of a new age: living in a technology- centric world. The dangers that lie in the interweb will only become bigger and more severe as the world continues to push technology forward. Thinking about how just one person could have the ability to do horrible things, just like Kaine, to billions of people all around the world scared me. Michael and his two friends, on the other hand, gave me a sense of hope, that if such a disaster were to occur there would be talented and skilled people to fight such enemies. We revolve around the internet Reading this blog post right now, you probably have your phone next to you. Technology is slowly become the most important thing in our lives. We treat it as if it is a loved one. So imagine if your technology is hacked, damaged or broken, your life would become drastically different. How would you react to such an occurrence? Its natural to think it will not happen to you, but hundreds of thousands of people are affected by cybercrimes everyday. We still can prepare for an attack to occur. Are you ready? I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in futuristic ideas. I think the reader would enjoy the setting but at the same time feel a huge wake up call, this book could very well accurately depict the future.

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