Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein starts of with Julie Beafort-Stuart (code name Verity) being caught as a spy in Ormaie, Nazi-occupied France. The Nazis give her two choices: either she dies, or she gives them valuable information about Britain's military. Julie chooses to write out everything she knows about their war efforts, however, although she makes them think she is giving them valuable information, she is really telling the story of how she met her best friend, Maddie (code name Kittyhawk). Maddie, the pilot who dropped Julie off in France, is believed to be dead by Julie. What Julie doesn’t know is that she is alive and secretly living in France with the Resistance group Damask. The story begins with Julie as the narrator writing under supervision of her Nazi officers then changes to Maddie as the narrator in Part Two. The story goes on with both of them telling their stories. In the end Maddie and her Resistance group try to rescue Julie by ambushing her transport. The ambush goes terribly wrong Maddie ends up having to kill Julie herself. Code Name Verity is a story all about friendship and the tough decisions that come with it.

Friendship can be made anywhere. Whether it is through sports or school or the neighborhood party your mom forces you to go to. In this case Julie and Maddie’s friendship was created through war. Coming from completely different backgrounds, Maddie and Julie meet through the worldwide effort to win World War II. They take something brutal and scary and create something special and wonderful, their friendship. This makes me think about how life doesn’t have to be all sad and gloomy all the time like war. If it is then you can count on your friends to escape that misery. Good friends have the ability to make you laugh and smile no matter how bad your day has gone. This shows how special and important it is to have friends. Even if you have one single friend in the whole world they still are extremely important. Additionally, Julie and Maddie were willing to do anything to keep each other safe. They were willing to risk their lives for one another. Whether it was lying to the Nazis in their face or telling one another confidential secrets, violating multiple laws during that time. No matter the instance they had no hesitation to try to do everything they could to protect each other. Now obviously in our case it isn’t at that extent. However, friends can still protect one another in everyday life. For example, one friend could lie to a teacher or a parent saying that it wasn’t their other friend who did something bad (not saying I have ever done anything like that of course). This makes me think about how lucky you have to be to have close enough friends that would be willing to do the same. It really makes me appreciate the friends I do have that are like that even more than I already do and I encourage you to do the same.

During war there are a lot of tough decisions that have to be made. In Maddie’s case she has to decide whether or not to kill her best friend. If she doesn’t she just lets Julie be tortured by the Nazis, but on the other hand if she does kill her she prevents her from having to go through that experience and potentially prevents Julie from spilling actual important information. This ties back into friendship because she was willing to do whatever was best for Julie even if it meant she had to live without her for the rest of her life. This makes me think about how no matter how hard the decision is you should always do what is best for both you and your friends if they are involved. My mom and dad always told me to follow my instinct. It doesn’t matter how important the decision is whether it is where you go for college or what flavor of ice cream to get for dessert. Furthermore, had Julie decided to just let the Nazis kill her in the beginning it would have prevented her actual mission that she was supposed to be in France for in the first place being completed. After Julie dies her supervisor in the camp she was in decides to join the Resistance Maddie is in. Using Julie’s story on her notebook paper that she was supposed to be it allows Maddie and the Resistance to carry out her mission. This shows me that any decision could change your life and the lives of others. For example, if you decide to go to a party where you meet your soulmate it changes your life forever (definitely not a Romeo and Juliet comparison). However, had you not gone to that party you wouldn’t have ever met them. This makes me think about how no matter what the decision is it could potentially change your life for the good or bad.

All in all Code Name Verity is a wonderful book and I highly suggest you read it. If you have read it please let me know if you agree or disagree with what I have said. Thank you for reading my blog post hope you enjoyed it please leave thoughts below. Thank you!!

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