We all know the family that tries to act like they're perfect on the outside. But as time goes on they slowly let their guard down, allowing us to peek in and catch a glimpse of what really goes on behind the scenes.

The Sinclairs are a very rich family that seems to have everything figured out; that is until Cadence Sinclair has an accident and her dad files for divorce. He leaves Cadence and her mom dumbfounded. But she and her Mom survive, they throw all of the father's belongings away, unable to look at them. And spend months in their fancy beach house reading books surrounded by golden retrievers. Every summer family of Cadence's come up to the beach house to visit. Within this family there is almost like another family. These are the five liars. Cadence begins to fall in love with one of the five liars in this book, his name is Gal. These five liars are all related except for Gal who is Justin's friend (don't worry they aren't siblings!). They are all extremely close, but as time goes on they began to separate. They stop answering Cadence's emails and she begins asking herself, why? She believes her accident may have been the cause of her forgetting the reason why they may not be talking to her and why they haven't been showing up to the island.

“We Were Liars” is a story narrated by Cadence. Her tone and actions convey a sad and depressing tone. We can see this through symbolism when Cadence dies her hair from blonde to black. Meaning that everything good and pure as seen with blonde hair can turn bad and dark very quickly. I am usually not one to read sad and depressing books most of what I have read is uplifting but I really enjoyed being introduced to this new mood. At first, I was startled with the sorrow shown in the book, but I soon realized this is what a lot of people go through from day to day. When life seems perfect something can jump out and turn things around in a matter of seconds. After reading this novel with a depressing tone it has helped shape my idea on how things such as depression and sadness can be brought onto a person. In Cadences case it happened over time partly due to isolation but also because of Alan the hardships she has faced so early in her life. Now this idea of sadness, which was foreign to me because I haven't had to face anything to sad in my life yet, is now something I can understand and have background on.

What separates “We Were Liars” from other young adult fiction novels is its ability to touch the reader without exaggerating the story or making it too dramatic. The way the author told Cadence's story was realistic, you can feel what Cadence is going through. In fact, there is a repetition of the phrase “be normal.”So instead of making this like a reality tv show where th the crazy family such a the Kardashians where they are all about the attention, the Sinclairs don't want to be recognized partly in fear that people will see that they are not perfect. The Sinclairs distinctive personality played a big factor in why I enjoyed the novel.

We see a reoccurring theme of loneliness with Cadence. Although her life may not seem that bad, reading all day and not having to do much, things really aren't perfect she just doesn't know yet. People are hiding things from her after her accident, mainly the four other liars, in order to not make her headaches worse. She spends the majority of the book trying to figure out what has happened that no one can tell her about. It's a lot like the book Noggin where they bring him back to life five years later and he has to catch up and he feels so behind with no one there to help because he has lost track of his friends. This would be hard for me especially, because sometimes I lose my mind with just trying to catch up on schoolwork after I've missed a couple days of school. I can't imagine the anxiety and stress Cadence experiences while trying to catch up on what has happened after her accident with absolutely no one to help. I found the interesting because I have never seen anxiety brought on in this type of way. Like I said m anxiety is usually brought in by myself from school while Cadences was brought on by friends. Also while all that is going on, Cadence's dad begins to try and get back into Cadence's life by taking her on summer trips, making her miss out on the summer house. Her father reminds her of these fairy tales he once gave her. The fairy tales always tell of three princesses and a king. There was one that really stuck with me as a reader. In this fairy tale there's a dragon and a king. The king says says whoever slays the dragon will get a princess's hand in marriage. Every man who attempts to slay the dragon dies so then the king turns to his daughters to help slay the dragon hoping it will melt the dragon's heart. The dragon ends up killing the daughters as well. Cadence then asks the question, was it the dragon or the king that killed the daughters? What the author is trying to to say is that it is maybe not the dragons fault for killing the princesses it is the kings for allowing the daughters to go and fight the dragon. It's like if someone gives a child a gun and they shoot someone, is it the persons fault for giving the child a gun or is it the child's fault for killing someone? I had to read this quote over and over in order to get an understanding of what message the author is trying to send and why. I was unable to determine what side the author was on. In the end, I believe it would be the father's fault or the king's fault because being the father or a king you need to be in charge, show knowledge and leadership and if you are unable to display these characteristics you shouldn't be in the role of a father or a king. Being a captain on my basketball team I know how hard it can be at times to keep a positive demeanor even when you're losing. Sometimes you have to put what's best for the team above yourself and your success. If you are unable to do this you don't deserve to be in a captain role. This is what Cadence may be trying to get at with the king basically killing his daughters after putting them in the line of fire of the dragon. Her dad left her and her mom behind making their lives miserable. Leaving them with no support just as the king did by making his own daughters try and slay the dragon.

I really enjoyed the book “We Were Liars.” It was the best book I have read so far this year because of how it kept me intrigued from page one until the end while incorporating love, isolation, loneliness, and confusion. Not only is this book relatable for freshman in highschool, but it is also something we as freshman can get a lot out of. Whether it was the fairy tales she wrote or the way Cadence dealt with her physical and mental pain after her accident, there is a lot you can take away. I hope you decide to pick up this book sometime this year!

Here's the link of someone giving their review on the book

A song that I think we'll represents the book and mainly the loneliness Candace may feel is “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen. https://youtu.be/-o9gf_soFBM

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