How do you know you found true love?

When I heard all my friends talking about this one book series, I knew I had to pick it up and just see what it was all about. So I picked up The Selection, written by Kiera Cass. There was a girl named America Singer and she was just your normal girl that lived with her parents and had a boyfriend named Aspen. These two had to hide from their parents so no one knew they were dating. So her parents put her up for a chance to become the princess because they didn't know she was in a relationship with someone already. Then her worst nightmare happened. She gets chosen to be eligible to become the princess, with the prince named Maxon. She had to leave her family for 3 months. When she arrives at the palace, she is so overwhelmed with all the ladies that are also 16 years old, wanting to be the princess. America doesn't know if she really wants to be the princess but she knows that it's a family tradition to try to be the princess. She also knows that this is what Aspen wanted her to do, she's gonna do it for him. Once she saw Maxon, she kind of wanted to become the princess. They got to know each other and they both feel in love with each other but they were to scared to tell each other. They didn't know what to do. America knew Aspen was waiting for here at home. Or so she thought, it turned out that he was also in the palace working as a guard. America flirted with Aspen and Maxon. But when Maxon was with the other girls America got jealous when he was with the other girls so they had to figure out what to do. Maxon had no idea what America and Aspen were doing in hiding and America hopped it would stay that way. Maxon had such a love story with America that no one knew about at the palace.
And that's what made The Selection such an amazing book; I always had to read on to see what happened with Maxon and America. The love story they had was so unique, compared to the love stories that you hear from your friends or while your watching TV.
If you have a boyfriend image 35 other girls having your boyfriend too. So all of you would have to share that one guy and you would have to find the time just for you and him. That's what was so great about this book that I could transform into a different person while reading seeing the life as America and the 35 other girls.
Every girl had a different relationship with Maxon. That was so neat jumping form girl to girl seeing what him and her has. Seeing the relationship between America and Maxon, America and Aspen, Celeste and Maxon, Kriss and Maxon and all the other girls with Maxon.
Cass throws in so many details about each relationship with him and the girls. But she really focuses on America's and Maxon's. I thought it was super neat that she could clearly explain what each girl was thinking throughout the process they were going through. After I read this book I could just go on to the next one and still be able to jump back into America's shoes no problem.

Then I decided to pick up Hanging onto Max by MarGaret Bechard. Their was a boy named Sam and his ex-girlfriend Brittany made a bad choice in bed. When he found out he was having a baby boy. He went and meet Julian in the hospital. Soon after that is when Brittany told Sam she was moving and she was going to put Julian up for adoption. So he took Julian from Brittany and started to raise Max. Sam was trading all his football gear in for baby gear. He had to transfer to a special high school for teenage parents. He really wanted to go to college but he knew he had no chance of going, with having Max. Sam and his best friend Andy wanted to bring old times back, so while the girls in the relationships were cooking dinner one night, and him and Andy went outside to play a game one-on-one. After they started playing Claire (Sam’s girlfriend) ran out screaming for Sam. Sam ran into the house, then saw Max on the kitchen floor covered in blood. He ran over to Max, scooping him off the ground. Asking all the girls what had happened to him. They all said that a wine glass broke on the floor and shattered all over Max. Sam knew he had to go to the hospital. Andy rushed Max and Sam to the emergency room and Sam’s whole life flashed in front of his eyes and he didn’t know if he could do it anymore.
This book was so easy for me to pick up but so hard for me to put down. I loved that the book went from the present to the past every other chapter. I got to find how they came about the baby and his background with his family and that his mom passed away when he was 8 years old in his own house. I loved hearing about all his struggles through life so then I could actually get to know him throughout the book like he was my own brother. What I also really liked about this book is that it really sounded like the author was really talking to the reader and connecting to them, not forgetting that they were they. Margaret quotes
“... Now I am thinking having sex just like every teenage boy.” (pg 22)
I feel like they really connected here to all teenage boys. Because they were talking about then in that sentence.
While this book touches on the idea of raising a child, (Sam raising Max). We as the readers see how difficult it is as a teenage parent to raise your own child.
Although there are so many teachable moments in this novel, it is a novel that can be read with joy and sorrow all at the same time. It is a novel that is fun to read but has moments when you become sad and wish people didn't do things they do in
I'm so glad that I picked these two books up. They both really touched me in totally different ways that I never had imagined. These books really did surprise me of how good they both are. I'll remember these books for my life time.
Feel free to ask any questions about each of the books/let me know if you've read one of these books. I would really like to know what you felt about either one. Hope you guys will read both of these books. They are both fantastic.

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