The average human being can last 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. In the book The Rule of Three by Eric Walters, nobody thought even once that anything could go so wrong so quickly. That is until randomly one afternoon, all computers immediately stopped working. This meant that computers, newer cars, many planes, many jets, and numerous other things that us humans take for granted. Everyday, people were growing stronger, and those who couldn't keep up and remained weak were killed. A boy named Adam and his neighbor Herb quickly formed a bond following this event. Herb was a retired military agent, and Adam was a genius. Together, they helped form a microcosm of the U.S. inside of the community's boundaries. The story mainly follows the course of action that they must take in order to survive.

Although this may sound like a classic dystopian science fiction novel, there are many underlying attributes of it that make it unique. Adam has two friends that he associates with, primarily: Todd and Lori. Todd is the classic jock of the high school who plays football but has a fascination with engineering and architecture like his dad. Lori lives on a farm just outside of the community, is the standard farm girl who enjoys playing with kids and helping people around the community. The reader is under the assumption that they are the standard, default characters in the novel, making them think that they can predict their actions easily. However, the reader soon learns about the underlying characteristics of Todd and Lori, and it adds a lot of depth to their respective characters. The authors intent was probably to keep the reader in edge, and keep the suspense high.

In many dystopian books, something is usually changed with the government, what the normal human acts like, and how society functions. In essence, dystopian novels have a significant change from our lives, and this change creates the plot. Because of this, there are very common themes associated with this genre. One of the most prominent themes is that you never know what you have until it's gone. The author acknowledges that we take computers and technology for granted, and The Rule of Three shows how unprepared we would be for such a catastrophe to happen. In the book, Herb has seen these situations happen where society collapses, so he knows what courses of actions to take. He is the one character in the book who doesn't take computers for granted, also referencing another idea. This idea is that experience is vital in certain situations. As a whole, the theme of taking things for granted is present in this novel, and it help the reader to understand how much we depend on technology.

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