The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore *Spoilers*

I Am Number Four is a very captivating series that is science fiction. The Rise of Nine is the third and most recent book to this series. I personally loved the first two and saw the movie of I Am Number Four. The Rise of Nine did not disappoint at all and I would strongly recommend this series to anyone. This whole series is about a planet called Lorien. 9 Children and their Cepan, also known as a guardian, come to Earth after their planet is taken over by Mogadorians who are also on Earth. The Mog's are hunting down the Lorien because these 9 children will grow up with a lot of power and will eventually take back Lorien. The Rise of Nine shows number 4,6,7,8,9, and the surprise of 10 and her cepan. 10 is the only one with a cepan left and 1-3 are killed early in the first book. This book is challenging to quickly summarize because a lot of action occurs and many different points of view are taken. So a quick better summary and interesting website can be found here.

I personally really enjoy this entire series because I love science fiction. This book is for both genders because there is not a lot of romance (which I was sad about haha) and a crazy amount of action and fighting scenes. I think many people find a draw to things we don't have in our life and each of the nine have legacies. These legacies range from breathing underwater to invisibility. These characters are so powerful and fascinating to learn about that even though there is so much information to take in, it is fun and enjoyable, not overwhelming. My only issue with this book in particular is that the pov changes often and I don't always feel that the voice is unique to that character. This problem wasn't enough to detract from the book I thought, but I wish that it could have been better. This series also has many side books that are specific to only one character and tell their back story, which is cool to be able to learn more about certain characters that you wouldn't know otherwise. A fun trailer for the book can be seen here.

Let me know what you thought!

Who is your favorite character and why?

Did you have any problems with the series or this book in particular?

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