In the book The Young Elites written by Marie Lu, Adelina Amouteru is
a young girl in a rich family who has nothing to worry about at all.
She is young, beautiful, and has her whole prosperous life ahead of
her. In 3 years, she will be able to marry a prince and become Queen
of any land that she could possibly want. However, when she was only
14 years old, she caught a deadly fever that had spread across the
entire continent. This particular virus killed every single adult that
had it, which means that all of the children were able to survive it.
Unfortunately, there were serious side effects, and all of the
children with the disease had been scarred, for life. Adelina lost her
left eye and her hair has been turned a light gray color. These
children were to be called malfettos. Adelina runs away from home, and
discovers that some malfettos had been blessed with powers like being
able to control fire or wind, or being able to sculpt anything out of
nothing. The Inquisition Axis, the government of the land, makes it
their goal to rid the world of these malfettos, because they believed
they were trying to overthrow them. Adelina is then forced to choose
between the Daggers, an exclusive society led by a man named Enzo, who
is the rightful heir to the king of the land, and the Inquisition
Axis, who will promise to help her powers grow so she could use them
to the Inquisition’s advantage.
This entire time, Adelina is forced to make decisions about things she
knows nothing about. She has to choose who she trusts carefully,
because one wrong choice and she’ll end up dead. All of these choices
and predicaments make the story even more interesting, because it’s
not just one big problem, it’s a million little problems that continue
to build up and up, until they finally get to him. Overall, this book
was extremely captivating because the reader is making the decisions
along the way without even knowing it. I, myself, actually found
myself telling her what to do in my head, and it took several minutes
for me to even notice it. The fast-paced, intense action makes this
novel even more gripping. In addition to all of this overwhelming
pressure, Adelina is also faced with the problem of running away from
something, and she doesn’t even know what it’s trying to accomplish.
This dilemma is very similar to that of Cassie Sullivan in the book
The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey.
Cassie was a young teenaged girl who lived in a normal town, went to a
normal school, and lived a completely normal life, until aliens killed
over 7 billion people in weeks. She is with several other people, and
they believe that they are almost definitely the only survivors of all
5 waves that were implemented in the first book. In the beginning of
the book, Cassie and her squad are looking for a place to hide until
they can figure out a plan to eliminate the aliens. However, Evan, a
half-alien half-human, tells Cassie that they only have several days
left until they drop bombs on every single city on the planet. The
majority of the book is them improvising on the run from silencers,
aliens who murder humans with shotguns without making any noise.
They are running from these things who they have never met before, and they
have no idea if they are trying to take over the world to habit it or
just to eliminate all of the humans.
Either way, Cassie and her group will stop at nothing to regain
control of Earth. Adeline and Cassie are almost exactly similar, as
you can probably tell. A teenaged girl living semi-normal life until
they are faced with problems and obstacles that they had to overcome
as a result of unheard of circumstances. Running, traveling, making
friends, making decisions, and most of all: trying to accomplish their
goals that practically nobody has ever accomplished. The similarity of
the genre also adds to the comparison of these particular books, and
the themes and mood of hopelessness make these stories very
comparable. Overall, the intense action and interaction of the
characters makes both of these stories some of the best ones out
Cassie and Adelina both have something in common that is vital to
their survival: bravery. In The Infinite Sea, Cassie is referred to by
nearly everyone in their crew as the bravest person they've seen thus
far in the invasion. This included several respected adults, many
other people who would be suspected to be brave, and even several
robotically enhanced humans. Adelina, as well, was called brave by
people whose powers could not be comprehended by the human mind.
Just thin about that for a second. Think about the bravest person
that you've read about or seen in your entire life. Now, imagine them
telling you that you're brave. That's what it was like for both Adelina
and Cassie when they were regarded as brave. And the ironic part is,
though, that they themselves did not even believe that they were brave.
However, it still raises this very important question to any reader:
How can your life be compared to that of Cassie and Adelina?

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