Opposing views on belief

“Forgive us father, for we have sinned.” A common line used throughout this book The Merciless. This line can mean different things, it can be used in a good way, and it can be thought of as something with a more negative outlook. The normal person's idea of religion is extremely changed after reading this book. When people like me and hopefully you think of religion, you probably imagine people using their ideas to make their world better. When people like the book main characters, Riley and alexis picture belief they use it for the worst, as torture, pain, and revenge.

This book starts out in your stereotypical southern church town. When the schools most popular three girls Grace, Riley, and Alexis befriend new girl Sophia. Sophia seems to find these girl to act weird, by forcing her to stick by their religious rules, and baptizing her in the school bathroom. Yet with all these suspicious event happening Sophia chooses not to questions the girls because with them she feels free, and safe from the life she left at her old town.

The main antagonist on this story is Brooklyn stevens who the girls are suspicious of because of her past. Brooklyn has had a history of being around bad events. After being accused of murdering her teacher, sacrificing animals, and breaking the small towns strict religious practices. After being invited to a huge and dangerous party thrown by Brooklyn, Sophia catches Brooklyn cheating with Riley's boyfriend. Riley calls everyone to her house to give Brooklyn some help, what Sophia didn't know was that Riley believed Brooklyn was evil and planned an exorcism on her.

At this point in the novel the whole concept on religion, and belief is amped up, turned, twisted, and transformed into something so evil you could never believe a person could think of this. From cutting off fingers, to baptisms, to death, and then the terrifying realization of an actual evil presence. This book is unlike anything else I've ever read, and can only be understood as a mix of mean girls, and Danielle vega. This amazing twist on belief is astounding, and genius in the way author Danielle Vega conveys it.


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