The very first sentence in the book would pretty much sum up my mindset if I was ever in this situation. Since I'm keeping this blog PG I've decided not to include it. In The Martian by Andy Weir, astronaut Mark Watney along with his five other crew mates go on the Ares 3 mission to Mars. After getting caught in a dust storm, Watney gets separated from his crew causing them to leave Mars (no they aren't terrible people they just thought he was dead). Very much to the crew’s disbelief Watney somehow survived the dust storm and is left on Mars with a limited food and water supply, no communication with Earth, and no way to get off of the planet. Sounds like a recipe for success right?

The Martian teaches a lot about the impact of the decisions you make. You make decisions every single day at all times. Whether you notice them or not they can change your day completely. For example, I'm walking to class and I decide to take a different route than normal. Now this can make my day better if I see a bunch of my friends or it could make it worse if I see someone I hate, right? It's all of the little things that add up to have a big effect on your day. In The Martian Mark Watney has to decide whether he tries to somehow survive or if he just gives up. Knowing me I definitely would've given up but thankfully Mark Watney is not me. The decisions Watney makes allow him to survive and get back home. This shows that the decisions you make in your life change your life in good ways or bad ways. Whether it's deciding what college to go to or what to eat after school they still have an impact on your life. I personally believe that I am held accountable for every decision I make. I believe that I control whatever decisions I make. I either make a poor choice or I make a good choice. Watney is in complete control over his decisions. He can either give up (a bad decision) or he can work hard to figure out how to survive (a good decision).

The Martian also teaches a lesson about belief. Whether it's believing in yourself or believing in another person, if you don't believe that you or someone else can do something then you will never know for sure unless you try. It's like when I tell my parents that I don't like a food and then they say that I never know unless I try it. Those conversations are the worst, let's be honest, because I can never admit to their faces that I was actually wrong even though I insisted that I hated it. Anyways, Mark Watney has to believe in himself that he can get out of his situation. If he just gives up then he will never really know for sure if there is a way to escape. This shows that you never know what's going to happen if you never try. Sure you might be anxious or worried to try, but it's better to at least try instead of just giving up. The Martian shows me to always believe I'm able to do something. For example, when I found out that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer I instantly thought that I would lose him. However, my family and I decided to believe he'll get through this tough time and this horrible situation. Looking back had I just given up it would've been a mistake. Of course I felt like giving up whether it was in school or at sports, but since I believed he could survive it made me a better person today. I had to believe that he could get through it and that I personally could get through it. The same goes for Mark Watney. He could either believe he could get through the situation he is in or he could give up and face the consequences.

I know for sure if I ever got stranded on Mars alone I would definitely give up, but that most likely will not happen. I hope you liked my response on The Martian by Andy Weir. If you've read it before please leaves your thoughts on it on my post and if you haven't read it I highly recommend it. Thank you!

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