The Hungry Part Time Indian by Kaelan Conway

Food does not exist in H. A. Swain’s book Hungry. At least that’s what Thalia Apple thinks (pretty ironic last name to have in a world where food is gone, don't you think?). Thalia’s mother created the inocs everyone in One World takes to ward off hunger. They also were meant to provide everyone who drinks it with all the nutrients needed to survive, well that’s what she intended to do. Everything in Thalia’s life is perfect, the endless amounts of medication, top notch health protection, all the newest gadgets and clothes. Her life couldn’t get any better, right? Until one day Thalia feels an unfamiliar feeling in her stomach, a feeling that frightened and worried her whole family, the feeling of hunger. To make it worse Thalia longs for the world her grandmother grew up in, the one where you could make and devour delicious meals and have a normal lifestyle. Then one day, after ditching her friend at an Entertainment Center (basically a massive mall where people go to play the newest video games and shop for the newest clothes) to wander the streets of an abandoned city where she meets a boy, Basil (another ironic name!). Basil is involved with with an underground program trying to bring food back. Now I know what you’re thinking, a privy with a dirt poor kid living in the slums of One World? However, this was exactly what Thalia was looking for as Basil leads Thalia on an unbelievable and life changing adventure to find food.

As Thalia becomes closer and closer with Basil she gradually abandons her family. Throughout their adventure Thalia discovers what she really wants in life. This makes me think about how you should never let anyone else tell you what you have to do or like in this world. Just because you're from somewhere else or just because you've never seemed to fit in with the people around you, it doesn't define who you are as a person. While Thalia was living as a privileged and rich student she felt as if she had no choice in what she could do with her life. She thought that she had to follow in the path of her parents. However, she was wrong. Just because your brother or your parents have done something amazing in their life doesn't mean you have to do exactly that or better. You have the freedom to choose your path in life and you should enjoy that freedom. These lessons taught in Hungry are just as abundant in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.

In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian the main character, Arnold, has only experienced a world of hate towards him. When he was born he was born with too much spinal fluid in his brain. He had  to undergo a surgery where he was more than likely to die in the process. Obviously he survived, but he was left with many differences from everyone else on the reservation. First of all, he had 10 more teeth than he was supposed to, along with a massive brain and a minuscule sized body, he was a twig. Additionally he was prone to seizures at least twice a week, and his eyesight was horrendous causing him to wear exceptionally large glasses. At school everyone bullied him and beat him up except for one kid named Rowdy. Rowdy and Arnold have been best friends since the start. Rowdy has stuck up for Arnold his whole life so Arnold’s only joy on the reservation besides his family was Rowdy. Their friendship rarely faltered their whole life, until one day Arnold made a life-changing decision. Arnold decides to attend an all white, rich, and racist school off the reservation called Reardan. Obviously Rowdy is furious but Arnold has bigger issues on his hands. How is he going to survive at Reardan? Eventually Arnold gained everyone's respect at Reardan, but he couldn't push past the guilt of leaving Rowdy. When Arnold returns to the reservation after school everyone despises him and calls him a “traitor." Somehow Arnold manages to make it past the brutality of a life he's gone through.

This book teaches me that a true friendship can overcome anything standing in its way. When Arnold decides to attend a school filled with a bunch of people who hate and discriminate him and his kind, Arnold’s and Rowdy’s friendship seems to almost be crushed. However, they manage to overcome the odds and remain friends. This shows me that no matter how big a challenge comes between you and your best friend you should never give up. This doesn't just apply to friendship it applies to every aspect in life. It doesn't matter how intimidating the challenge in front of you is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of how mad Rowdy got when Arnold left for Reardon, he forgave him when he returned after school. No matter how infuriated you become after someone does something to you or someone you love, you should always try to find forgiveness for them deep down in your heart.

Even if these books don't intrigue you just by reading my blog (however I hope it does!), I still strongly recommend that you read them. They were easily two of the best books I've read. I will definitely will remember them. Thanks for reading my blog hope you enjoyed it!

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