The Hobbit...There and back again*SPOILERS*

Recently I read The Hobbit. It was amazing. At first I thought that it wouldn't be too good, but as I continued reading, it got better and better. The best part of the book was the characters. I didn't even realize that I loved the characters until after I finished reading the book. The second best part of the book was the action scenes. My least favorite part of the book was... Bilbo and the action scenes combined. Now, Bilbo was one of my favorite characters, and the action scenes were the best ones I've read in a while, but Bilbo in some of the scenes leaves something to be desired. Don't get me wrong, The Hobbit was one of the best books I've read, but... seriously Bilbo, you could do better. *(side note: Hobbits are real. Proof: OpenOffice recognizes hobbit as a real word.)

Now for most of the book, I was very excited. Every thing was intense. Particularly the part with Bilbo and Gollum. That's one point to Bilbo and action scenes. Most other scenes were solved by Gandalf. Yay! I like wizards and magic! *(side note: I'm getting accepted to Hogwarts. Proof: OpenOffice accepts Hogwarts as a real word.) Then I was really excited for my hobbit vs. dragon fight. And then Bard killed Smaug.

WHAT?! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! I...I...WHAT?! That was where I started complaining at school about The Hobbit for a few days, then I went home, picked up the book, and started crying. Oh well, I don't get my hobbit vs. dragon fight. I got over it and continued reading. That was when I was promised a goblin war. I was warned that Bilbo didn't play much of a part in it, but, of course I didn't pay attention. Hence, he fainted right before all the action.

WHY, BILBO, WHY?! But overall, The Hobbit was a good book, despite all that. The characters were lovable, most of the action was exciting, and it made me want to read all the Lord of the Ringsbooks. And it made me super excited for the movie!


Do you think that the dragon was pointless if Bilbo didn't fight it? Are you excited for the movie?

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Comment by Matt Hoffman on October 24, 2012 at 11:20pm

The greatest battle for Bilbo is the idea of the adventure itself, and a major theme in the book is how family lineage affects who we are.  Bilbo is descended from both a Took side and a Baggins side, which conflict with each other throughout the novel.  Thorin must prompt Bilbo onto the adventure to recliam his father's treasure and mountain.  The Bard is descended from the ancient rulers of Dale, and so defeating smaug to protect the city is a task that belongs to him more than any other character.


Even though Bilbo might not hoard all the action in the book, it is important to see how different tasks are linked to different characters and what the significance of those connections are.

Comment by Katie S on November 11, 2012 at 10:36pm

I really liked the Hobbit also! I thought it had a lot of adventure scenes, and I thought Smaug was actually a little bit lovable. Or maybe I am thinking of a different dragon in my head...oh well! I wonder when the movie is coming out? Do you know?


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