The Girl Who Destroyed Her Own Town *Contains Spoilers*

In the town of Chamberlain was where it all happened. The bodies of high schoolers found in the same street Carrieta White walked upon. Blood, fire, water, and even more blood on the streets and on the people. The book Carrie by Stephen King takes you into a whole new perspective of situations where one was ridiculed. Carrie, the main character, goes through a change in which her body and her mind have taken over her true self.

From the beginning to the end and the cause of all destruction was blood. What created all this madness in the first place? For what seemed to be a humorous prank to one caused another misery. Carrie had the power of telekinesis but she didn’t know until she was in the shower after a swim class for gym. It’s a well- known scene in the movie where Carrie was taking a shower and suddenly her leg started dripping with menstrual blood. She didn’t know what it was so she let out a horrendous scream. This poor, innocent girl was teased and made fun of. All the other girls in the locker room started throwing pads and tampons at her yelling to “Plug it up!” It was strange for a high school girl to not know what a period is, which spread curiosity towards the medical and psychological writers. “It seems incredible that, as late as 1979, Carrie knew nothing of the mature woman’s monthly cycle. It is nearly as incredible to believe that the girl’s mother would permit her daughter to reach the age of nearly seventeen without consulting a gynecologist…” (King 10). This is just one situation that comes to trigger Carrie’s latent talent. Carrie starts to practice her telekinesis by levitating objects in her room slowly to gain control. A part of her brain flexes and that’s a reason why she is able to control the objects easily. Later on, Sue, one of the girls involved in the locker room incident was the only one who felt pity towards Carrie. In order to make up for her wrongdoing, she plans to not attend prom and force her boyfriend, Tommy, to take Carrie White to the dance. Which by the way doesn’t sound right to me in the first place. Tommy is supposedly the most popular boy in the school which would leave many with questions on why he would want to take Carrie, the girl with bovine like features, to the dance. Carrie later agrees to go to the dance with Tommy since he kept pestering her about it, saying it would be fun. That’s when her personality starts to change little by little.

It was the big night. Prom night. Another couple named Billy Nolan and Chris Hargensen attend prom with the intention of humiliating Carrie White in front of the whole high school if and when picked prom queen. Chris got into trouble after the locker room incident and this was her revenge: dumping pig’s blood onto Carrie. Dumping pig’s blood on a pig is what the couple thought, that it was a brilliant and ironic idea.

Carrie and Tommy were chosen prom king and queen. That’s when Chris pulled on the rope to let the bucket full of pig blood fall and splash on Carrie. She ran away in tears after standing in shock for minutes smelling and looking like a disaster. “Carrie sat with her eyes closed and felt the black bulge of terror rising in her mind” (King 81). This is the moment where Carrie starts to lose it. Still covered in blood, she turns back to the school to make sure the people who laughed suffer a painful death. Her mind is what controls her surroundings and gives her the power to make others fear her, but what if it also made her lose something else? Her sanity maybe?

Carrie was a girl who lost her innocence. The red blood symbolized terror and hatred and lust as we saw ever since the beginning of the novel to the end. Blood might’ve been the reason Carrie got her telekinesis and blood might’ve been the reason she got derailed. I would recommend this book to someone who loves telekinesis and the “science” behind it. The story was confusing at times, but overall a book I will never forget.

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