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          There's that tingly feeling again. Sure, everyone gets it now and then if their foot falls asleep but, that's usually all it is. For Dane Rafferty, the tingly feeling starts in his feet while he's competing in a ski race and progresses throughout his entire body. The next morning, he can't move anything except his eyes and silently freaks out while he's losing air fast. His girlfriend calls 911 and after almost dying, Dane is diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. He has lost all control over his entire body and he has no motor skills anymore. In the novel Thaw by Monica M. Roe, Dane Rafferty loses everything good in his life due to his rare disease, but when you're left with nothing, how hard do you work to get yourself back?

         After he's been in the hospital for a few days, Dane can talk and breathe again but, he has to undergo therapy to be able to move again. He reluctantly gets to work with his occupational therapist, Joel, but, Dane is unwilling to work with his physical therapist, Anya, after their first encounter that didn't go so well. Plus, he thinks Anya is a cold, mean human being. Dane is being very unreasonable right now because he believes he's above therapy and doesn't need to do it. I think he should have not been so difficult because your therapists are there to help you so if you don't take their help, you won't get any better. You have to have the ambition and be willing to do whatever it takes to work towards your goal. Dane’s goal is to get out of the hospital and get back to skiing as soon as possible so he won't miss the season. He won't get out of the hospital if he doesn't cooperate with his therapists. Anya is also one of my favorite characters in the book because even though she comes off as unpleasant and rough, she really cares about her patients and is only hard on Dane because she wants him to get better. She knows that he is capable of working his way back to who he was before Dane was hospitalized but, Dane is being stubborn and that's keeping her from doing her job.

         While Dane finally agrees to work with his therapists and starts to gain control over his arms and legs, his parents decide to pay him a visit and see how he's doing. Dane’s dad is very harsh and has high standards, so when he sees that Dane can't walk yet, he gets furious and calls Dane a disappointment and a failure. In response to his dad’s cruel comments, Dane stops doing therapy and thinks it's not helping him. Now he's angering his therapists because Dane just sits around all day doing nothing. I started getting frustrated with the book at this point. Just because of one thing his dad said to him, he lost all faith in his recovery. If he really cared about getting better, he would take his dad’s remarks and use them as inspiration to prove him wrong. Sometimes in life you have to just be your own person and not worry about what other people may think or say about you. If I was Dane, I wouldn't care for what he had to say and if he didn't like what I was up to then he could leave. 

         The big idea portrayed in the novel Thaw is ambition. Through the trials and tribulations of the main character, the book shows that you only get out what you put in. When Dane was slumming it and not motivated to get better again, one could assume he would never improve. When Dane was actually working and doing therapy every day, he was developing the strength to use his muscles again. The point the author is trying to get across is that if you're ambitious about reaching your goal, you will make it there no matter what you go through to do so. This book overall was an excellent read but, one thing I wish I could change about it is its ending. I wanted to see some sort of epilogue or reflection to see if Dane ever gets out of the hospital or how long it takes him to be totally rehabilitated. The book just ended abruptly after Dane realizes that his dad's opinion on his progress didn't matter and that he will start working again. What about you now? Have you ever gone through a situation like this before? What would you do if you were in Dane’s position? If you would like to add anything then be sure to leave a comment on my blog.


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