Summer Reading Books: Boy Am I Glad to Be Done With Those!

Throughout mine and every other Fremd student's high school career there has been the dark time called sumer reading.  Summer is supposed to be our time to relax and enjoy the time away from school, yet as always school has to creep in somehow.  Now I'm not trying to bash summer reading or reading in general, I'm just not very happy with the way it is handled.  Ever since my freshman year of high school I have wondered why Fremd chooses the certain books that they do.  They all seem to be gloomy and sad books about terrible events in history or some made up story about a tragedy that happened to someone.  Why can't they be happy books that kids would want to read during there summer break.  Maybe it is just me that wants to not be brought down during what is supposed to be my time of fun, but I bet many others agree with me.  

 Last year when looking for what summer book I was going to read, I asked my mother what she would recommend.  She was astonished to read some of the descriptions about these horrible ordeals and was surprised a high school would want us reading them.  Furthermore, in talking with other students, they tend to agree with this. Why not choose books that might cheer up students and make reading fun, instead of depressing everyone and therefore depressing them of reading.  I don't want reading to be a chore I have to do, I'd rather it be something I enjoy doing, but it is hard when the books we are required to read are so gloom and doom.  I don't know what is going to happen in the coming years with Summer Reading Books, but hopefully they will be on the happy side.  Remember: Happy Books, make for Happy Students.

What do you guys think about this ? Do you agree or disagree ?

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