It all started when A was born. A is a human being with no unique body. A can be a girl or boy depending on what person A is taking over for the day. Everyday, A is literally ripped out of a body and is in a new body the next morning. The only thing that stays with A each day is his memories and feelings.

A has been always going around and taking over someone's body for 24 hours all his life. He makes sure he doesn't mess up relationships, events, or anything that might mess up the person’s life that day. A also has access of the person’s memories and knowledge as well as his own. One day, he takes over this boy named Justin. He meets this girl through him which is his girlfriend, Rhiannon. That day A ditches school with Rhiannon and couldn't forget her. So he tries to meet her again and ends up falling in love with Rhiannon. He tries to contact her somehow everyday and Rhiannon’s and A’s relationship gets really complicated since A is someone new each day.

I really loved Everyday by David Levithan. It's not one of those stories with a happily ever after ending. Also it's not a typical love story. The complications between A and Rhiannon makes me feel so sad. It's impossible for them to ever live together only because of how A has to leave every day for another body. I think that A is a human because of the feelings he feels and the emotions. I was astonished when Rhiannon actually wanted to talk to A and wasn't creeped out about the whole thing or even believe the whole thing. The conflict made me question one thing. What would have happened if A never met Rhiannon? Would he ever tell anyone else about his situation?

I loved the message I got from this story. The way Levithan passed this message was so clever of how the roles of each character played and ended. I learned that it's not always the looks that makes someone attractive, it's the personality that counts. Even though the ending was a cliffhanger, and showed the meaning of true love, it gave you this pitiful feeling that they won't be able to live together ever. What would you do if you were A, not being able to be with the love of your life because you can't stay in one person?

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