Running so fast that you can't feel the ground under your feet

      The book that I choose for my individual reading was Life At These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson. I was going through our school library when I saw that it was one of the various books that were put on display to encourage people for reading. And this book is really mesmerizing. I finished it in one day and after I was finished I was just amazed with it’s way to connect with me. It basically starts off with a track meet for a bunch of 8th graders. The track meet ends and all the students but one goes home on the school “van.” A terrible accident happens and the only member of that class is that one student. That one student is Kevin Schuler and he hates running. However, no matter how much he hates running, he is a good runner. Actually, more than just good. He’s extraordinary and he catches national attention everywhere. He is the town’s symbol of pride and a sight to see when he goes outside to run. But, that’s what he runs for. He runs to get away from all the pain of all his classmates dying on that fateful day.  When he runs, it gets all quiet. It was interesting to read how the situation changes for him when he runs. It explains in the book of how things get all quiet for him and all he feels peace at last. But, he realizes in the end of the book that running and breaking records is all he can do. He can no longer go faster than he is now. In the end he breaks down and is finally able to explain how he feels and felt after the accident. The very details of the running descriptions in the book make it so endearing that you actually want to go outside and run just to see if you can feel that same experience. Now many of you may be thinking that this book is only for runners but that’s not the case. It’s a book for all people who are going through hard times and find solace in other activities. This story of Kevin Schuler is sure to make you realize that to some people running can be more than just running.

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Comment by Marlisa Wang on May 30, 2012 at 9:10pm

Hi Grace! :)
Personally, I'm not much of a runner or any other kind of athlete, but your description of this book makes me really interested! You say that the book starts off with a track meet of eighth graders. In the rest of the book, is Kevin Schuler still an eighth grader, or is it fast forwarded to him in high school? Anyway, great blog post! :) 


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