“You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.”

You can’t have a bad attention getter if you don’t have one. The Roll safe thinking Meme has gone viral across the internet as Reece Simpson is portrayed to be giving that Smart Alec kind of thinking face. For those of you not familiar with Roll Safe, Roll Safe came from the web series “Hood Documentary” where it follows the character Reese Simpson on his first date with a girl named Rachel. When first asked what he thought of Rachel, Simpson said “I think Rachel is beautiful, she's got good brains.” However, people have captioned it with things such as “You can't be broke if you don't check your bank account.” This of course is not true, but the point of the Roll Safe meme is to give an idea that goes away from the rest of the crowd, offering a new perspective from the same situation. This picture brings out the best in both of these quotes, but also this second quote from MacDougall, “The reason we race isn't so much to beat each other,... but to be with each other.” This picture, gives the gesture of thinking, having Simpson pointing to his head, but it also gives this friendly vibe as Simpson has a smile on his face showing this sense of friendliness like there's a shared inside joke. This is why this quote fits with these three quotes, the first talks about Simpson liking a girl with some intelligence, displayed by the pointing to his brains. Also this brings the best out of the quotes from Born to Run as these quotes counter what people previously thought about running, giving it this new “Roll Safe” feel, as the statement goes against what most people think, just like this viral meme. The running community is known to be one of the friendliest and tight knit community shown in Born to Run, the friendly smile of a deeper connection that Simpson has on his face also helps to bring out the best from these quotes.

Born to Run is a book that explains many different viewpoints on running from some of the world’s best ultra distance runners,the book also questions different norms on running that we were told ever since that moment when we were in the third grade and we had to run the mile. Born to run questions what we think is a good runner's diet, running mentality and running shoes. These quotes both have two parts to them, first stating the way most people view running, and then the second branches off to a more creative and new way of thinking, the Roll Safe way. In the first quote it talks about people stop running because they think they've gotten too old, when in reality it is the other way around, that they've gotten too old because they stopped running. This quote gives a kind of “secret to life” and if you follow it you'll find a way to essentially stay young forever. Looking back at the picture, Simpson is shown with that smile, showing that he's letting everyone in on a secret, possibly the secret of staying young forever. The second quote talks about racing to bring runners closer together and that runners don't race to beat each other, but rather to bond. A lot more creative than going to grab pizza together, the pain of the distance running gives the sense of a group struggle, making everyone respect each other. The image shows Simpson pointing to his temple, a gesture meaning that he has an idea, this connects back to the quote as instead of trying to compete and be angry at each other, how about we bond together and defeat this race as a team.


“You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.” Shows the main concept of the text because the entire novel is MacDougall proving science wrong with experience. Most of the book is MacDougall and his interest with the Tarahumara, a running tribe found in New Mexico. These people defined what scientists and research had been saying for years, they followed terrible running diets, wore no proper shoes and they never rested the night before their races, yet somehow they came out on top when it came to ultra distance running. Sadly, you can't just hop off your chair, start eating junk and running barefoot and all of a sudden become the next Steve Prefontaine. The real secret of this tribe is that they never stopped running through the ages. Since they were children to their elderly ages, the Tarahumara never stopped running and they all maintained in perfect condition. Proving that listening to society and what they say about running is not always fully true. (However, I'm NOT saying to do what the Tarahumara did, thinking you're going to be a better runner, because unless you plan to run for 2 days straight at a time, you're only hurting yourself) Born to Run proved that there's never only one way to do things, whether it comes to running of life in general. This quote accurately depicts this as it suggests that you don't have to listen to everyone else, and you can always keep running.


From this, we can see how the viral Roll Safe meme and Christopher MacDougall’s Born to Run brings out the best in each other from the subtle smile from Simpson, of the suggestion of new ideas by the 2 quotes. Just remember, you can't get a bad grade on your book blog if you never check your grade.

What's your favorite caption for this meme?


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