Popularity? Please, Give Me a Break

          If you have read my book blogs before, you probably figured out by now how difficult it is for me to enjoy a book. Well guess what, I finally found one OoO! To be honest I didn't actually think I'd like this book but a friend recommended it to me so I gave it a shot. Legend, by Marie Lu, comes from the perspective of two people who alternate viewpoints each chapter. One of the viewpoints come from June, who is born into a royal family and recognized as a prodigy. The other comes from Day, who is born into a not so good environment and is known to be the most dangerous criminal alive. After they meet each other they both struggle with power which then brings up another theme of right vs wrong. Marie Lu challenges the reader to think about how power and social status can help to influence our decisions in a negative way and vice versa.

          Today's society has reached the point that popularity is one of the most important factors in gaining attention. You surf through YouTube and see the most dumbest 30 second video of a dog wearing underwear that has reached an overwhelming million amount of views. The video itself is trash but it's trending #1 on YouTube so it must be good, right? Please, I've seen much better music videos than BgA’s “who's it gonna be.” In Legend June grows up as this prodigy who is also rich and strong, just the definition of perfect. (Spoiler) Her mission is to find Day and arrest him, which she does, but is she happy? No. She falls in love with him and doesn't want to do it, but what causes her to do it? Her public image. If she does not turn Day in everyone will hate her and take back the praises they gave her. Now, in a way I kind of understand how she might've reached this conclusion but is this really the right thing to do? Maybe for protecting her community yes, but there is absolutely no reason to arrest him. She spends the night with him and should know better than anyone else how caring he is and how he isn't committing the crimes he is for self pleasure. If June was of lower status would she have double thought about turning him in? After all, she wouldn't be the perfect idol she is now.

          I think popularity and harmful actions bounce off of each other very well in this story and in real life because it is scary to be a disappointment to others. If June does not turn Day in and gets caught, many things would happen to not only her reputation but to her status as well. She could lose her title as the perfect prodigy and basically everything else she owns. However, I don't think that it is okay to secretly stab someone's back or betray our loved ones just in order to keep a positive image for ourselves. Thank God June got to her senses and decided to save Day because who knows what could've happened to him. He was about to die because he was betrayed by someone who was selfish and wanted to keep a good image just for herself. Not only was this idea portrayed through the betrayal of June, but also through the Republic's actions. In order to raise June's social status and make her the most intelligent girl alive, the Republic fabricates Day’s, and I'm pretty sure many other people’s (judging from their actions) trial scores. Day is equally as intelligent as June and deserves far better, yet in order to maintain a positive image they keep this a secret and create cruel lies. It is surprising how much influence fame has on our actions. 

After re-reading my blog I just realized how much this sounded like a rant (once again) which was not at all what I was intending to do, but I guess it can't be helped. Maybe I should pick a brighter theme and book to talk about next time...Seriously though, this was a really nice read and it wanted me to continue the series. Just give this book a try even though you don't like sci-fi. I didn't and seriously, this book messed me up with my feelings. Once you read the book you'll understand what I mean so READ ITTT!!!

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