One Big Reason Why You Should Read Thirteen Reasons Why

For my blog, I would like to share a book that I recently read called Thirteen Reasons Why  By Jay Asher. I’m sure everybody knows the Netflix series by now, it has taken quite a liking to the majority of people who watch it. Throughout this story, most of the events that occur are because of a girl named Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker is the focal point of everything that happens in this story. You see, Hannah left behind 13 tapes (Or 13 reasons why) she committed the act of suicide. Almost all tapes that she made give a certain reason why she decided to commit suicide and her perspective of the way things went down. It starts with Justin. This man is the first boy that Hannah has a crush on and when he invites her to the playground to hang out, she reluctantly says yes. As they are having fun, Justin takes a picture of her going down the slide. This starts a chain of events that will never truly be understood. As Hannah goes down the slide her skirt lifts up and shows inappropriate body parts. Justin does not realize this until he looks at the picture again later that night. The next day, Justin shows the picture to his buddies to prove he was with her. The first showing of the antagonist, Bryce Walker. He takes the picture and sends it to everyone while Justin is helplessly held back by a bunch of jocks. This simple action labels Hannah  Baker the school slut. Being that Hannah Baker was new at this school, she wanted to have a good first impression. As you can see, that went down the drain immediately. She finds a sanctum inside a small trio of friends where she can finally be happy. Alex and Jessica. This group of friends is the type that you wish you had. (I don’t want to give away too much) As you can see, there are little details and intricate topics that come up throughout the first part of the story, thus leading to an even more complex storyline. All in all, you can see that this story covers many different categories that other writers and directors stray away from such as suicide and even rape. This story unfolds through the eyes of the great Clay Jensen and turns out to have a very important message for not just people in high school, but for everyone in the world. Suicide is an epidemic and nobody wants to be misconstrued when discussing the topic, especially through the viewpoint of a book or a film. But, when authors and directors do discuss this topic they focus heavily on different ways that we as a society can help the kids that may be tempted to commit suicide. Finding different ways to connect with people near you is very important for your health and theirs. That is what this book is trying to get across to you. This is the message it sends when you fully read the text. Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably reach the end of the book and think to yourself “What just happened??” And that is for you to find out. As a side note, I recommend reading the book before watching the Netflix series. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Below I have included three pictures of the book, the Netflix series cover and one quote from this story. There will be links at the bottom to take you to some songs to listen to when you are reading the book or contemplating what is happening in the Netflix series.

For those of you who like country:

Halfway through this song it gets too fast and upbeat for this story but the beginning is perfect for it:

A perfect piano song that allows the reader to think about what is going on while drowning out the sounds of your TV with isolated keys:


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