Every Day by David Levithan took a new twist on the meaning of normal. By using the character, A, he was able to show us what it would be like living in a different body everyday. This character's normal is changing bodies daily, going to school and when A wakes up it is a new body. A wakes up in boy’s bodies, girl’s bodies, he really doesn't have a constant in life. Our normal is waking up, going to school, and coming home to the family that we see day after day. A is not supposed to change anything about these people's lives but falling in love changes all of that.

    Many scenes in this book show how acceptance plays a big part in the characters’ lives. A falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon. Rhiannon has to accept the fact that some days she'll be with a boy and some days with a girl. This is hard for her because she has to get used to the fact that A switches genders and bodies daily. One scene that showed this was when A was a girl named Beyoncé. Rhiannon looked at her and said, “It makes it very hard for me to have a mental picture of you. I keep having to change it” (Levithan 225). Through this scene Levithan shows us very clearly how Rhiannon has to accept A but through other scenes he shows us how A also has to accept the situation. This shows me how acceptance is a key role in both of their lives and how acceptance is different for each person.

     David Levithan clearly shows us change when he shows us A waking up in a new body everyday. One thing that was unusual even for A was waking up in the twin brother of someone that had been inhabited the day before by A. A got to see the repercussions that were left the day before. This helped A conclude that the people he inhabits only remember what he wants them to remember. This is change for A because now being more reckless with Rhiannon is ok because the person inhabited won't necessarily remember. This shows me how change can be an angel but can also be a devil.

     Through these different big ideas of literature the book, Every Day by David Levithan, showed me a new meaning of normal. I also learned a lot about the big ideas of acceptance and change. Some of the reasons I enjoyed this book were the big ideas that taught me so much.

Thanks so much for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! Go ahead and comment below if you have any thoughts!

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