Night is the memoir of a Hungarian Jewish teenager who was deported by Nazi's to the Aushwitz death camp during the Haulocaust in 1944. Elie Wiesel recalls the atrocities of the haulocaust with vivid symbolism. Throughout the course of the story, Weisel loses his faith in his God, and  after he witnesses the half an hour long hanging of a young Jewish child, he almost completely stops believing in humanity. He brings to life the his transportation on cattle cars to other death camps, and how sometimes when the train he was on would stop to resupply in towns, workers would throw bread to the victims and watch Haulocaust victims fight to death over breadcrumbs for entertainment. Finally, he remembers how humans became "dry" and "shirveled up" after the life was sucked out of them by countless beatings, starvation, and the loss of loved ones. He claims when the victims of Aushwitz were forced to run over 50 miles nonstop to a second death camp, victims were shot for stopping to take a breath and how sons found no tears after their fathers passed from exhaustion, because there were, "no tears left to give".

Another one of the most important parts of Wiesel's memiors is of the slow deterioration of his father's health and eventually, his father's death. Elie recalls how a few weeks before the liberation of the victims by the Allied forces, his Father dies of disease, after being beaten by other prisoners for his rations. Wiesel recalls how just for a second, immediately after his father;s death, he felt the lifting of a wieght, and freedom from responsibility, followed by a severe, sharp feeling of guilt. Wiesel writes a touching memoir which serves as a message to future generations about the horrors of the Haulocaust in the eyes of a 15 year old boy. 

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Comment by Rosemary Agbeh on April 13, 2012 at 11:09am

Hi, I'm Rosemary from CCHS! Part of our sophomore curriculum consisted of us having to read Night, which incorporated into a Holocaust unit. Reading the book I think Elie Wiesel did an amazing job transferring the terrors of his childhood into the memoir. We had a journal entry type project dealing with this book, which ended up being a major paper grade. So we spent a lot of time analyzing this memoir. Thanks for posting!

Comment by Elisa Perez on October 10, 2013 at 11:01am

I agree that the story of Elie Wiesel took us into a world that many of use didnt know because we didnt live through the Holocaust. I liked Night but there were parts that were a little too much to handle and that even scary. Whats even worse is that the author had to live through that. His jounral lead into his world and did a fabulous job.


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