Who are you? You may think this is a stupid question and you're probably thinking “well I'm me” and this is true but who is that person really? I'm not looking for a name or a title or anything like that what makes you, you? Ok let's hold up a bit that's a lot of questions and no answers. But are you interested in finding yourself what makes you, you, what makes some people more likable than others then there is a book to appease your growing appetite so read further if you would like to understand and see the world through new eyes.

"The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell is a marvelous non-fiction book that deals with the physiology of society and how when you look at it really is a small world after all. Small world you ask that's a annoying song in Disney world what does it have to do with this book? But you just proved my point you and most people in this world know about the annoying song it's just one small thing that everyone knows and it's another way that society is the same so no matter where you go it will feel like you're just dealing with the same faces same people same ideas. So do we all live in a small world with a lot of space. That's what I think and I'm pretty sure it makes sense to you to but maybe not are you proving my point by agreeing with me or by disagreeing? These are the thought you think because of this book hours of fun psychological battle with your own mind.It explains the delicate balance of everything and how there is a order to this world and a explanation to everything. It makes you ask questions about your past. Have you ever noticed that most of the stories you have can all be traced back to one person or how almost all of your friends know that one person? Or perhaps you are that one person. Everyone knows everyone who knows one person. And that's really what this book is about the delicate balance of your social life and how everything in it is predicted and you know everyone you know for a reason.

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