My Heart And Other Black Holes is a novel that will remind you that terrible things can happen, and those terrible things have a greater impact than you could even begin to know. But this book will also remind you that even the most seemingly lost causes have hope. The story is told following the lives of two teenagers, Aysel and Roman. Aysel and Roman both want to die, there's no nicer way to put it, the both of them can't stand living and count down the days until they can off themselves. The one thing keeping them around is the fear, which is what brings them together. After being brought together through a suicide-partner website, things slowly change for them, before they even know it.

         Though I believe the main theme of this book is to keep hope alive, there are two outstanding symbols I couldn't help but notice throughout the book. The first one is the constant mispronouncing of Aysel’s name. It's brought up several times by her, but she never bothers to correct anyone, except for Roman. I think this symbolizes Aysel’s feeling that no one truly understands her or cares to understand her, except for him. Personally this made my reading experience better because I cared so much about the bond that they share. The second symbol that stood out to me was Romans love for his late sister's turtles. He takes phenomenal care of them and treats them like royalty, which is also bright up several times throughout the novel. I think that his care after the turtles symbolizes him trying to make up for the neglect he treated his younger sister with, which caused her death. This showed me how guilty Roman truly felt, and it heightened how much I wanted him to stay alive in the end.

        The theme of not giving up and staying hopeful is very prominent in this book. Both characters are faced with endless reasons to stay alive. A few for Aysel are; her little sister, her history teacher, college and her love for Roman. Roman has equal amounts of possibility and opportunity, but what keeps him alive in the end is the hope of becoming a Marine biologist and doing right by his sister. Aysel comes to realize long before Roman that she didn't want to die, she just wanted someone to understand her. They both held onto their hopes and in turn, stayed alive.

      Even though this book deals with the darker side of things, I finished it feeling more positive than I expected. Seeing two people find forgiveness and strength through each other is something I needed to be reminded existed, and I'm glad I read it. It's full of painful aspects and ideas but in the end it reminded me that life truly does have a hopeful undertone. What is something that reminded you that hope and happiness really does exist?

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