To be honest, I don’t really have much to say about this book. I just randomly picked up Aftershock off the bookshelf, only knowing that it was an Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee in 2010. I must say, however, that in my opinion, I think it was an okay book. Not too great, but not too bad either. The idea was great, but there were also a few flaws.


The book is about a 17 year-old teen named Adam who is the only survivor of a car crash. The family was driving back to their home in Rhode Island when the accident occurred. With both his parents dead, Adam is in total shock. The shock was so great that he even lost his own voice. Still in an unbalanced state, he begins walking the long way back home. Along the way, he experiences a miserable life of survival. From some he receives aid while from others he receives difficulty. The long journey home reminds him of many memories of his life before the accident, but also reminds him of his desperate need to survive. This book is basically about Adam’s journey home and the struggles he encounters.


As I mentioned earlier, the book is pretty decent, but there are a few parts in the story that distract me from grasping the fullness of the book. First off, I don’t understand how Adam could just walk away from the scene of the accident like that. I know he didn’t mean to abandon his parents like that and was planning to go back to them but it’s just something I could ignore as I read this book. The word “abandonment” kept lingering in my brain. Second of all, the story was just too unrealistic. For some people, it is fairly easy to ignore the unrealistic parts of a book and just enjoy the story but for me, those unrealistic details really bother me. I can’t help but get distracted by them. Sadly, they get so in the way of my reading that it really lessens my ability to enjoy the book. For those of you who like sad novels and don’t mind a story with unrealistic situations, this book may be for you.


How do you handle unrealistic situations in a book? Do they bother you or are you able to completely ignore it? Or for those of you who have read this book, what are your thoughts and opinions on it?

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Comment by Nick Clerk on May 12, 2012 at 9:35pm

     Hi! I'm nick from CCHS. Normally when theres an unrealistic situation in the book I personally tend to criticize it. I just always think "hey, this could never happen in real life". Then normally someone reminds me that its just a book after all and its supposed to have unrealistic things in it. I also do this alot with movies. I have never read this book but I probably wouldn't mind reading it. Im sure I probably would criticise it but it doesn't sound like too bad of a read.


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