They were only nine years old when they became next door neighbors. Little Quentin (he went by Q) and Margo would hang out with each other and that's when Q was crushing on his best friend. Growing up, they started to drift apart by the time of high school. Margo is more adventurous and mysterious while Q is more introverted and lives a “normal” life. They are  two completely different people but in the end, do they come together?
The quiet Q maintains a steady life which includes getting up in the morning, getting driven to school every morning, come back home, do some homework, play video games, eat dinner and sleep. But one night Margo sneaks up to his bedroom window, like she did when they were kids, to borrow his parents’ car. Q has two choices to pick. Either he says no and not have the risk to get in trouble, or say yes and live a little with his long lasting crush. He couldn't say no, so he leaves his comfort zone. That night, they do some hilarious activities together. They both have a great time with each other. Their friendship has come up again and Q’s feelings has heightened. That same night, Margo takes him into SeaWorld at five am to show how the town they live in is like a paper town. That sticks with Q for the rest of the night. His love creates another characteristic that he builds on as the story goes on and I think that is mainly of the power love gives to someone. Love can make you feel invincible and that you can do anything to fight for the love. 

The next day, Margo goes missing. She always goes missing but this time Q knows the reason why she leaves. One day during school hours, he ditches school and takes some of his friends with him to find Margo using the clues she sort of gives to Q. He goes on a road trip to find her even though he still doesn't know exactly where she went. Not knowing where she went but still attempts to look for her and not knowing where he's taking his friends is a huge part in courage. Couple days after looking, he starts to lose hope that they are in the wrong path. They all want to go back home. Everyone except Q. He knows he is so close but he still didn't manage to find her. His friends leaves him in a town of nowhere. He leaves so he can still look for her. The only thing now is if he can't find her, he is stuck with no way back. Courage is all he uses to make that decision. This is the part where courage develops in the story. Bravery can appear  in someone in different ways. Whether it's fighting the little voice in your head to do something or physically being able to fight an obstacle or even both, it can change you. Love is the steering wheel to Q's actions. 

But why on Earth would he do that? Is he even thinking of what he might happen in the future if things dont go the way he wants? In Paper Towns by John Green, Q knows that he was in love with her. He leaves looking by himself not knowing where to go but just to keep looking. I think that this is beyond courage. I don't think if my friends leave me to find a guy all by myself, I wont do it. I would have been the coward. He brings the “Margo” in him. He is in love and became a newer self he doesn't expect. Without the love, the courage will build on him. Without these two feelings, he probably would be leading a normal life just seeing the thing he loves move away. He chases after his dream, and that dream is Margo. Let me know if you have read this book before and leave reactions you had too.

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