A historic band named The Rolling Stones once said, “you can't always get what you want”...”you get what you need”. In “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks, Noah and Allie are faced with many setbacks in their true love story. They are faced with unapproving parents, friends, and Alzheimer's. Is love a want or a need? Not only for Noah and Allie but for us as human beings. Or maybe it's neither a want nor a need Maybe people do not realize what love is until people feel it for one another. Through the author's intense imagery, I am almost able to feel what that must be like. I realized that love is inevitable, however, in order to find true love you must think for yourself.

Noah and Allie are two people from two opposite social classes. With Allie belonging to the rich, upper class, and Noah, a part of the lower, working, class. This makes me think of one of my favorite pictures which is in the movie but it's symbolic for me.

Allie is perfection while Noah is somewhat shabby looking and doing all the dirty work. This is symbolic, not because of what they are wearing, but because they are opposites. Remarkably, they are still in love. This leads me to one of my favorite quotes from Noah, he states, “ we fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created”. Not only can this quote be applied to this scene, but also with the differences in the social class. Despite their differences in social class, Noah and Allie still find a way to fall in love. Allie's parents do not approve of Noah, however, Noah overcomes the adversity of Allie's parents dislike towards him.

Allie’s parents were so appalled by the couples love,they moved to New York. Being left in South Carolina, Noah unsure of what was in their future. Noah finds himself feeling depressed over the loss of Allie. In order to escape the loss, Noah writes 365 letters in one year to Allie with no response. Heartbroken, Noah and his best friend Fin enlist in the army. Fourteen years pass before Noah returns from war. Allie is engaged to a wealthy handsome man named Lon Hammond. Coincidentally, Allie's mom really likes Lon. During this time, Noah is repairing and building houses many of them selling. Then one caught the eye of Allie in a newspaper. It was her dream home and Noah was standing right in front of it. In addition, Allie's mom feels guilty, as she has been hiding Noah's letters from her. When Allie reads these letters, she knows she has to be with Noah, regardless of their social standings or her engagement. Allie exclaims, “ You can't live your life for other people. You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love”. This furthers the idea of following your heart. And if you do follow your heart, it will make you a happier person in the future.

Unfortunately, the future for Noah and Allie's love is not as long as they would have liked it to be. Near the end of their lives, Allie is cursed with Alzheimer's. They have made a promise to love each other till the day they die and they accomplish this. Thus -tying the two ideas together of following your heart and love conquering all. I noticed that there was a switch to the first person on the first and the last chapter. The author does this because first person point of view tells a story so he puts this at the beginning and end because his whole story is a book inside a book. And when you have these stories that Noah has to tell your life just becomes a lot more meaningful. You may not need love but when you find it by following your heart, you are then able to overcome any obstacle life throws your way.

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