Letting Emotions Go: A Slaughterhouse 90210 blog (SPOILER ALERT)

"Something broke loose inside Dill's mind. Something that had been moored against the roaring tumult. It came untethered and crashed around with reckless abandon — burning, shattering, consuming. He stopped seeing color and all became a swirling, howling, leaden gray desolation. But the pain hadn't arrived. The way the sea recedes before a tsunami, so every part of him receded. And then the pain struck" - The Serpent King (Zentner).  


     Emotions bubble inside of me like water boiling in a pot. I stuff them down to appear brave. I stub my toe and all my emotions flood out. Those emotions were too hard to control. Sometimes, it’s okay to show your emotions and let them out from hiding. The type of scenario is an inner conflict that Elsa faced in the movie Frozen. Since a young age, she was taught to hide her powers from everyone to prevent hurting anyone. But during her coronation, she just snapped. Her powers were revealed to everyone. After that, she ran away to be free. After watching Frozen, I became obsessed with it. I watched the movie like five more times and memorized most of the songs. The relatable themes present in this book, which deserve a blog all on it’s own, and the characters were some things that made this movie so great. The inner conflict Elsa faced is also present in the book The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner. The main character, Dill, and his friend Lydia both want to leave their small town. Both characters are outcasts and both want to leave. Dill isn’t trusted by most in his town as his dad is in jail and Lydia is made fun of for her fashion sense. Dill and Elsa are outcasts to their town and because of that, want to leave and start a new life.

     Both Elsa and Dill deal with a lot of emotions. Elsa has to deal with the fear of revealing her powers as well as the grief she feels after her parents died. Dill has to face mean comments from some about his dad being in jail, the grief after his friend died, as well as disappointment from his mom. The quote used with the picture accurately describes the inner conflict both of these characters feel. They both tied up their emotions like tying a boat to a dock. But these emotions caused up a storm and eventually, that storm was enough to untie that boat. That’s what happened to both Dill and Elsa, they just couldn’t bottle up their emotions any longer. They just had to be let go. This picture of Elsa shows what happens after she let her emotions or power to be shown. This image is also prominent in The Serpent King. Dill lets out his emotions through music. With his talent for singing, he creates songs in which he lets out all his emotions. Elsa uses her powers inside her room, which gives her the freedom to be herself. Both characters find ways to let their emotions come out but only in places where they are alone. And that’s not enough for them. Both characters want to run away to a place where they can be alone. This need for running away help them deal with their emotions.

     In The Serpent King, a boy named Trevor is abused by his father. Like Dill and Elsa, he wants to escape too. His escape is not physically running away like what Elsa did but through books. Trevor “made books [his]  life because they let [him] escape this world of cruelty and savagery” (Zentner). Books for Trevor is a portal into a world where he can be himself without anyone making fun of him. After he died, Dill couldn’t handle it. The emotions for him were too much. Even music, something that calmed him, didn’t work anymore. Dill became so depressed that he convinced himself that the only escape from his life was death. Dill was about to commit suicide when he remembered Lydia telling him to find something to do other than killing himself to let go of his past. And that’s what he did. He found a place where he could be himself and that was college. Elsa’s solution was physically running away and living in a castle she made. Elsa, living in her ice palace, was finally free and so was Dill.

   In the end, Dill and Elsa both found the place where they could be themselves without being judged. They found ways to let out their emotions and they became happier people. When Elsa ran away she noticed that “some distance makes everything seem small- and the fears that once controlled me- can't get to me at allǃ” (Frozen). When both Dill and Elsa ran away, they weren’t troubled by the emotions they had in the past. They forgot the past and moved on. Sometimes, we can’t bottle up all our emotions. Those emotions are too strong for us to tie up. Emotions sometimes demand us to be let out. And that’s when it’s our job to find ways to let out our emotions out in a way that would benefit us. Dill, Elsa, and Trevor all did that. They found ways to escape that would help them let out their emotions. For Dill, and I, it’s music. For Trevor, it was reading books, and for Elsa it was being in a place where she could use her powers without being judged. These characters were able to find a place where they “[could] be who [they are] without hurting anybody” (Frozen). These characters taught us a valuable lesson: that once in awhile, we need to escape to somewhere we can let out our emotions and be ourselves. For me, my escape is music. I can pour out all my emotions into the pieces that I play and it transports me to a place with no sorrow, pain, or judgement. What’s your escape from this life?


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