I was in the Media Center browsing, seeing as my English class sets aside time in class for independent reading, and I didn't have a book. I remembered reading a review here on the Fremd Ning saying good things about a book called Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen.

Interested, I checked it out. Before I even started the first page, I loved the book. All I needed to know was that other people liked it and it's about gymnastics. I had already formed a complete opinion. In my head, this would be a great read, and I wouldn't be able to put it down. So when I actually started reading with that mindset, I was able to enjoy it more thoroughly.
But not every encounter with a new book can go so well. There are tons of factors that affect the reader's attitude that can make them like or hate their next read. Like when I read Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

My English class was moving on to our next assigned book. Almost everyone I spoke to said it was terrible, that nothing even happened for long expanses of time. Hearing this, I was dreading reading it. Every part of me was committed to getting through the novel as quickly as possible and get it over with. With this plan in mind, I finally decided to read around 2 chapters. As much as I thought I'd hate it, I actually kind of liked it. After hearing people say Ethan Frome was the worst thing they'd ever read, I was surprised to find that it was pretty good.
Basically what I'm trying to say is that I often think I know what a book is like before I pick it up by listening to what other people say about it. This ends with me either loving a book from the start, or hating a perfectly good novel. Because of this, I usually end up missing out on great books. What is it that makes you want to read something? A good review? A recommendation from a friend? Or what makes you think a book will be awful? If it's assigned? Listening to all of your friends complain nonstop about it? Respond in the comment section!

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Comment by Denae Gerasta on March 18, 2013 at 6:11pm

Great blog Sam! I completely agree, I always find myself judging a book before I even read it based on how other people think of it. I also enjoyed reading Ethan Frome and that was a surprise to me because everyone I had talked to said they hated it. I think a lot of judgements go off of what people think will make them fit in with the popular belief- if we're reading Ethan Frome for school, school is boring so Ethan Frome has to be boring right? I disagree. Thanks for posting this!

Comment by Jacob Cuthbert on March 21, 2013 at 2:06pm
I judge all the books I read by their cover. I'm not saying it is a good thing, but I would much rather read a book about an adventure where life is at stake than a book about how someone looks back on their life and wishes they did more. It is not the right thing to do and I've experienced this, but it is just something we all do. Friends also have a big impact on whether or not I would read a book. If they didn't like it, why would I?
Comment by Aditya Deshpande on March 21, 2013 at 4:33pm

I have to agree with Jacob, I tend to judge based on the cover whether or not I will like the book. I should probably try a bit harder not to and try new book.  We never truly know how the book is until we have read it our self. 

Comment by Jessica Peterson on May 30, 2013 at 8:36pm

I read a book if I have never heard of it in my life because then I can be assured I am not conforming to society. Also what if you wrote a book and then no one read it but it was secretly amazing but no reviews, nothing so I want to be that reader who appreciates them. One day this situation will occur and I will inform you of it almost immediately. 


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