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     Why are people nervous about expressing their love for one another when that special person could be taken by someone else? Both Shannon from iCarly and Kimberly from Girl in Translation are frightened to open up to their crushes and are filled with regret after their lover falls for someone else. Kimberly Chang falls in love with Matt Wu and regrets not taking the chance to show her love after Vivian becomes his girlfriend. Kim describes him as a “ripe mango”. Just like how fruits are just right to pick when they’re ripe, Kim has had the right opportunities and chances to tell him her true feelings but doesn’t because of the inner doubt and worry that she’s going to be rejected. The mango is sold in a “market”, which has a crowded connotation that refers to bustling people in a rush to grab whatever’s at hand, in Kim’s case, girls ready to be the “one” for Matt at first glance and emphasizes the importance of Kim needing to make the first move in the relationship. Kim, however, is fearful and locks away the feelings she instead uses to fantasize about him. This quote is central to Girl in Translation because it encompasses Kim’s overall remorse for her love-infected decisions that redirected the destiny she wanted to have; a life with Matt.

     The accompanying quote is when Kimberly sees Matt kiss Vivian. Kwok compares Kim’s situation to an ulcer to show how regret burned her heart as it dawned upon her that fear had made her too late to propose her love; Matt was enchanted by the proposition of another.         Shannon, a minor character in an episode of iCarly (iWin a Date) has similar emotions about Freddie, Carly’s best friend, and is often seen daydreaming about him instead of actually talking and loses her golden opportunity to have a future with him. In the picture, Shannon is depicted to have a nervous smile that displays her fright, anxiety, and uncertainty “getting the man”.. In addition, its shown through her red dress, jeweled necklace, and styled hair that she puts effort and cares about falling in love but can’t because her yielding terror traps her in an unbreakable cage.

    I feel, in reality, I'd be in a similar situation like Kim and Shannon because my doubt and self-consciousness would get the best of me and I’d crawl back into my own shell. Shannon and Kim’s fear-inflicted decisions cost them their potential love life and birthed remorse. These two characters teach society to take a leap of faith, to take their chances because brave love is better than no love at all.

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