Over the summer I had the joy of reading some amazing books two of which were, The Help, and The Maze Runner. The Help is a fictional novel about civil rights, whereas The Maze Runner is a fictional story about many boys trapped in a maze and their struggle to find a way out and a survive. The Help contains a story of two ladies, one white, and one African American. They are writing a book about the struggles African American maids have in Jackson.  It is such a great story that raises awareness of what the past was like, but still engages you and leaves you in a little bit of suspense.

       Every single day you make decisions. No matter what you are doing, even if it's deciding if you are going to put the answer on the line you are making decisions. One common theme that both books share is making the hard decisions. By telling me these stories both authors have given me a new perspective on choosing answers for a test or even some hard life choices. During the civil rights movement there were many different opinions and many people trying to voice their opinions. Do you voice yours and tell your story but risk your safety or do you keep quiet and stay safe. Kathryn Stockett lets you inside each character’s mind and let's you see each of their perspectives and shows how they are going to make the choice that could mean life or death. In a situation like this many would say no, that's what Aibeleen did. However, things got so bad for her, her family, and the people of her color that this was enough to push her to voice her story and tell the world what it's like being a black maid in Mississippi.  This tells me that making the hard decisions is more than just thinking it through. It is about motivation, and choosing whichever you think will be best in the long run. 

      The Maze Runner shows a quite similar perspective of making decisions. Thomas is suddenly transported to an unfamiliar place with nobody he knows. He lost all of his memories and change is happening all around him. And just a small detail, he is trying to escape a maze filled with creatures that kill you. Now he has to make a decision, stay and have food for a little while, or try and spend the night in the maze and risk getting killed. James Dashner shows me the bravery and courage inside of Thomas when he decided to stay out in the maze and have a 1% chance of survival. He did this because his answer wasn't right in front of him he knew that there as another option for survival. So, he is telling me that making a decision is also about being brave and taking that leap and that it is ok if things don’t go as planned. For Thomas he made a right decision and then a wrong one, and because of Thomas one of his friends died. This just shows you again how you need to be careful when making decisions but also how you should be open to all the possibilities and not be scared of the outcome. I have also found when reading these books is that decision making isn't always going to have answer right in front of you. Usually you are going to have to put deep thought into it,  and dig a little deeper than that answer on the surface.

      In a way both these books have all sorts of different aspects and I have learned a lot. I have gotten a new meaning for some of literature’s big ideas, such as bonds of family. You don’t need to be related to someone to have this type of bond. Anyone can have this, old or young, tall or short,and  boy or girl. Thomas showed that he had this type of bond with Alby when they were stuck in the maze overnight. Alby was bitten by a griever and had very little chance of survival. Thomas diverted the grievers away from Alby's dying body after tying him to the wall so he would have a small chance of survival. Thomas had only known Alby for a week but had worked, lived, and gone through so much with him. He cared enough about Alby to not leave him behind. This to me shows how these bonds can form even in the most dire of situations. By the end of The Help,  Aibileen and Miss Skeeter had become family. They knew the struggles in each other's lives and they celebrated getting the book published together. Most importantly they trusted each other and that to me is what shows a true bond. This just goes to show you that bonds of family can be made in a week or made in 6 months. These bonds made are very similar yet still very different. Both books also engaged me with two different types of conflict, man vs. society, and man vs. nature. Some of the reasons I love to read so much is because of these big ideas. Every book has them and they can really teach you that there is more to a concept than you may think.

Thanks so much for reading my blog post hopefully you learned something new, and go ahead and comment below if you have any thoughts!

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