iPads are becoming increasingly popular among students of all ages. I am a high school senior and I do not own a laptop. The iPad has pretty much consumed my life as a result. I use my iPad for a variety of purposes - from downloading and reading e-books to typing papers and sending e-mails. I was actually considering selling my iPad when I go to college, but my college friend convinced me otherwise because he noted that the iPad is like the ultimate notebook in a college class. One can download textbooks, jot notes via keyboard or stylus, record lectures, and much more. 

There has been some talk in my classes that our school could potentially convert from textbooks to iPads in the future. My guess is that most students are all for this idea... I mean, who wouldn't want to borrow an iPad for an entire school year if it was available to them? My friend from Buffalo Grove High School has two iPads - one was his own, the other belongs to BG. BG lends out iPads to their AP Economics students. On a side note, it's ironic because my friend made the point of telling me that he has no idea why they would buy iPads when they are in need of money for more important issues. At any rate, the iPad is indeed a helpful tool overall. But along with its potential improvement of efficiency regarding textbooks and such, there are some not-so-beneficial factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not our school should purchase them and lend them to our students. 

For one thing, iPads are extremely costly. Are we (or our parents rather) willing to pay for such a big investment? We're not just talking about 50 or so iPads here. If the school were to pay for iPads for every individual in the student body, the figure exceeds $1 million. 

Just to throw a few more factors out there...

What happens if someone were to lose their iPad? Would they have to replace it/pay for the original price of the iPad? In either case, a large sum of money will be lost.

What happens when Apple comes out with newer models? Won't our school need to stay up-to-date on the technology so as to be able to use whatever the next brilliant features that Apple puts in each new model?

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Comment by Jessie Miller on March 19, 2012 at 8:53pm

I've actually discussed this idea with people before and in classes before as a part of the go green debate.  So while I may sound hypocritical when i say this but as much as i am for going green I don't want to be attached to some piece of technology constantly.  I already have my phone I must be joined at the hip at and i really don't need any more technological appliances being stuck on me either.  I'm also really bad at touch screens.  but the point is the money that could be used for ipads could be much more beneficial in other ways if it were used towards extracurricular activities or new books for the library.  This is why i persoanlly belive the idea is a waste of time and money.

Comment by Andrew Lundholm on March 19, 2012 at 9:03pm

My take on the iPads at school, would be like the laptop carts.  I thought that they wouldn't be taken out of the class and would charge in the carts.  Students would only be able to use the iPads for the textbook features and would share it across all periods.  It is just not logical that our school could afford to get each student one, and since a new iPad is released every 8 months, the iPads they get now will be out of date in 4 years and nobody would want them.

Comment by Jacob Rowden on March 19, 2012 at 9:07pm
Although I think that the use of iPads would greatly increase the efficiency of classroom and homework time, it would not work in a school of our size. With so many students, there would be several people with broken iPads every day. And if you rely on your iPad for everything, you have basically lost your entire school supplies.
Comment by Matt Calvey on March 19, 2012 at 9:28pm

I think iPads would be a great addition to classrooms, but i don't see it justifiable to spend such a large amount of money on something like this.  I think there still need to be some innovations made before this can become a greater possibility.  Maybe something along the lines of producing a school specific iPad.  This way it can have only the specific features needed for school and could possibly bring the cost down of these expensive pieces of equipment.  

Comment by Elizabeth Uhrich on March 19, 2012 at 10:44pm

I think that having iPads would benefit us greatly, but there are much more important things to be worrying about.  And even though iPads seem like a great idea now, after numerous shattered screen iPads are returned, lost, or damaged, people might have a different idea.  Technology is also constantly changing.  Just as we complain about how slow and horrible the laptop carts are, iPads will be the same.  Technology is hard to keep up with, and the school district doesn't have the money to be buying thousands of new iPads every few years. 

Comment by Garrett Peters on March 19, 2012 at 10:49pm

I like the thought of using Ipads in a classroom environment.  Not only the fact that it bestows upon the user a feeling of Swag, but it can also be used in so many ways.  From taking notes to reading from school books, this can all be done easily on the Ipad.  It would take away all the clutter of carrying around books and note pads, and could also be used for doing teacher's assignments electronically.  Eventhough many people find the idea ludicrous, I believe that in a couple of years technology will change the way schools go about there daily classes and the ways students interact throughout the school environment.

Comment by Kevin Cassato on March 20, 2012 at 1:35am

When people lament the high cost of the iPad, keep in mind textbooks aren't dirt cheap either. How many times have we been reminded of the astronomical cost of replacing one of these behemoths should we lose them? Also, I'm sure the school or district could get some sort of bulk discount for buying so many products all at once. There are also insurance policies we can take out on these devices, so replacing them wouldn't be as big of an issue. Even with all of these fears mitigated, I'm still not a huge fan of spending a lot of taxpayer money on such a volatile and rapidly changing market like the tablet market. I'd hold off until the benefits and  functions of the tablet become clearer and more defined.

Comment by Ji Young Seo on March 20, 2012 at 1:54am

Technology always amazes me in its rapid improvement. Actually, the price of buying Ipads for the school costs less than buying textbooks every year. An ipad costs around $500-800, but schools have to renew textbooks every few years which is about $50-100 for each book for each subject. When using Ipads, online textbooks of the same textbooks cost significantly less, like one costs around $16. If you add that up for each student, the school would actually be saving a significant amount of money by switching to Ipads. With the issue of breaking and stolen Ipads, there is insurance for apple products, but I do not know what the school would do for lost Ipads...

Comment by Venus Fan on March 20, 2012 at 5:22am

Although I do think it would be a great idea to have iPads integrated into school, it begs the question to how much it will divide the social classes between kids in public schools. How are students that cannot afford to pay to rent an iPad going to feel when everyone else in class is using one? Or if it doesn't work like that, how would it pan out for the many kids that will not be able to use an iPad? However, I do think it is a greatly beneficial idea to have iPads in school to lessen the waste of paper, especially from classes like AP US History, where the amount of ten page packets are endless. But we do need to consider the social ramifications this may have on the student body, especially when at Fremd there is already somewhat a divide amongst students from different economic backgrounds.

Comment by GMichalopoulos on March 20, 2012 at 6:16am

I personally like the idea of minimizing the amount of papers and text books i receive, its good for the environment and in the long run saves the school money on printer paper and ink which is quite expensive. On the other hand though I feel that there would be a problem with students ipads being stolen and sold. I believe that teachers should try and make more things available via ipad, such as packets, hand outs, lesson notes, and then leave it up to the students if they want to purchase one. 


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