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I Am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff, also known as Boy Nobody, gives readers a world where one boy’s goal in life is to assassinate people he's been assigned. As a twelve year old boy, Ben becomes friends with a kid named Mike. As they developed a strong friendship they became best friends. They talked about everything whether it was school, girls, family issues, or the latest sports news they always seemed to connect. Little did Ben know was that Mike was a part in a secret organization called The Program. The Program was designed to assassinate targeted suspects that can be a threat to them. One day Mike was over at Ben’s house when Mike decided to kill Ben’s father while he drugged Ben to prevent him from killing him. Mike left Ben with two choices, either he can join The Program where he is brainwashed into becoming an elite fighter, or Mike will kill him. Eventually Ben becomes one of the The Program’s best assassins. Stripped of emotions he goes from town to town with different identities killing different targets. Ben is assigned to assassinate the Mayor of New York, his biggest assignment. As he befriended the mayor’s daughter, he started to develop feelings for her. He then has to juggle his personal feelings that he was trained to forget about with his mission.

I Am the Weapon teaches the reader a lot about friendship. Friendship can be such a powerful thing. It can either be a blessing or it can be dangerous. In the book Ben carried out almost all of his missions by befriending the children of his assigned target. Once this friendship is established Ben can get closer to his target, giving him a better chance of completing his mission. In a friendship people develop trust for one another, oftentimes letting the other person become very close in their personal life. In this book Ben took advantage of the trust created between him and his new friends. As awful as that sounds it shows a good lesson for the reader. You never know what people are capable of. They can go behind your back in an instant and ruin your life. They can also backstab you just as easily as they can talk to you. Ben backstabbed many of his friends but he was able to forget about it due to his training. What the author is trying to show is that you should always be careful of who you become friends with. People are able to lie and say they are somebody else than they really are very easily.

I Am the Weapon also teaches the reader a lot about sacrifice. In the book Ben became very close with the mayor’s daughter, Sam. Ben is forced to decide whether or not to follow his mission and assassinate the mayor, essentially ruining Sam’s life who he has feelings for, or he could choose not the assassinate the mayor and try to escape The Program altogether. Ben decided it was best to sacrifice his relationship with Sam rather than facing the consequences of disobeying The Program’s orders. This teaches the reader that sometimes you're going I to have to sacrifice something you deeply admire in order to do what's right. In life everything is not going to always go your way and you're going to have to sacrifice something or someone you love in order to do what's best for yourself and others around you.

I hope that you enjoyed my blog on I Am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff. I strongly encourage you to read it as it is a fantastic book. Please leave your thoughts on my blog or on the book below if you have read it. Thank you!

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