Fourth Quarter Blog: Nonfiction vs Fiction Books

Fiction. Non-fiction. Two completely different types of books. From what I have observed, the majority of students/kids prefer fiction over non-fiction. However, as we age, we tend to enjoy non-fiction books more than fiction. (I’m pretty sure you’ve all observed the same as well.) Why is this? First of all, what makes us attracted to fiction in our younger years and non-fiction in our matured years? In order to comprehend this, we must first understand the definition of the two words. Here are the definitions along with some examples:


Fiction: Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact  (ex. poems, stories, plays, novels, etc.)

Non-fiction: Prose writing based on facts  (ex. biography, newspaper articles, documents, etc.)


Based on these definitions, this would mean that students like made up stories over books that are (for the most part) true and contain factual information. Let’s analyze this a bit more. If you were to make a chart that pointed out the differences between non-fiction and fiction books, it might look something like this:




  • Informative
  • Provide facts, opinions, ideas, etc.
  • Real events, people, etc.
  • Entertainment
  • Imagination
  • Tells a story through characters


So, what makes students/kids more attracted to fiction than non-fiction? If we think about it, kids like fun. They constantly need to be entertained to keep themselves occupied. Kids also have a lot of free time. Typically, a kid goes to school, comes back home to do homework, then spends the rest of the day doing their own thing. On the other hand, an adult has a lot less free time. They have lots of responsibilities and have other people to take care of other than their own self. Like I mentioned before, young people like fun. They don’t want something that will bore them – something entertaining is what they’re looking for. This is probably one reason why kids tend to enjoy fiction books over non-fiction. Facts are usually not part of the “interesting” category for kids. Most kids would much rather read about a mystical being or an adventure than the digestive process. But as we mature and get older, we become more aware of the world around us. We start wanting to know more about the world and who we are as individuals. We desire truth and understanding. This is approximately about the time when our brains start to click a little differently. We begin to see the world a little differently than before and start thinking a lot more about all sorts of different ideas and topics. This is what I believe to be one of the triggers – something that will make us more attracted to reading non-fiction books. When we want to know the truth about something or want to understand something, we are naturally going to seek for the truth, which could lead us to non-fiction books.


Since we are all still young and still maturing, a lot of us may still find non-fiction books to be somewhat boring, but in a few years, I’m positive that a lot of us will start finding interest in non-fiction books, or maybe some of us have already found that interest. Even as we age, however, our liking towards fiction books will probably never be wiped out completely. I just think that we will have a higher interest toward non-fiction books as we age and that we will become more open to different genres and types of books. However, this may not occur to all of us. There might be some who will just never enjoy non-fiction books. It could be the other way around too. There might be some who will never enjoy fiction books.


Personally, I’ve become a lot more interested in non-fiction books in just the past year. Before this year, I was never all that interested in reading non-fiction books. I considered them boring and way too informative. Now, however, I enjoy non-fiction books very much. Probably even more than I enjoy fiction books! In general, I don’t really enjoy reading books, but if I were to pick a book to read, it would most likely be a non-fiction book.


So, my questions for you are the following: Have you reached the point where you’ve become at least slightly interested in non-fiction books yet? If not, do you think you will ever be interested in non-fiction books? What are your thoughts on my opinions? What are your opinions toward non-fiction and fiction books?

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Comment by Sydney Wells on December 19, 2013 at 7:30pm

I personally don't think that I have fully reached the point of maturity in which I can respect and enjoy nonfiction books as they should be. But although I don't think I'm completely there, I have noticed an increasing intrest since I began high school. I think the reason that I like fiction books is that they are an escape from reality. In a world of hours of homework every night, when I'm finished the last thing I want to read about is another struggle that I might face in life. I'm sure that at least a few of my peers can agree that there is something curious and fascinating about a world in a book nothing like ours.

Comment by Brian Jacks on December 19, 2013 at 7:42pm

Honestly, I'm not sure wether i enjoy non-fiction or fiction books more. I love being interested in a topic and impressing people by supplying them with facts that most people are unaware of. On the other hand, theres nothing like being sucked into a good story and being glued to the pages and wishing there were more at the end of the book. I really can't choose. I guess you just need to find what suits you best. 


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