To me, making decisions has always been a huge challenge whether they are big or small. After reading Divergent though, I couldn't even imagine being faced with a similar decision that Tris, the main character, has to make. The story takes place in a futuristic society, a place where all of the people are seperated into "factions" based on their character. Tris is born into the faction known as Abnegation, where the people are selfless beyond imagination. To them, looking into the mirror is a rare occasion because it is selfish to look at yourself, you should be thinking of others constantly. Tris doesn't fit into this lifestyle at all, and I can imagine that most people couldn't. Anyway, in this dystopian society, when the teenagers turn 16, it is time to decide which faction you would like to be in, and there are 5 choices. If you do not choose your original faction, you must leave your family forever. If I was in Tris's situation, I would probably be incredibly lost. Leave my family? Considering the fact that they are very important to me, I would probably have to stay in my original faction despite what my heart tells me. Tris has these conflicting emotions as well. She doesn't want to leave her family, yet she feels like she fits in more with the Dauntless faction, which is known for bravery.

     In the end, Tris finds herself deciding to join the Dauntless at the choosing ceremony, and must leave her family behind in order to follow what her heart is telling her. I think that this is true bravery, to go away from everything that you know and everyone that you love to do what you think is right for yourself. That's why I think she belongs in Dauntless, because of her extreme bravery. Tris also encounters the reality of finding out that she is Divergent, something that she can't understand. After being tested to see which faction she belongs in, the woman testing her says that her test results were inconclusive, that she is something called Divergent. Divergence is dangerous, according to this woman, and Tris must never tell anybody about her true identity. At this point in the book, I stopped and thought for a minute. How frustrating would it be to find out that you have a rare quality about yourself that you don't even understand! I would be terrified after discovering that if she was found out, she could be killed. Tris goes into the Dauntless compound blind to the fact that the leaders of the faction, along with another faction called the Erudite, were planning something horrible beyond belief, and if they found out about her Divergence, they would target her.  

     At the end, Tris loses many people in her life that were important to her. Loss is very hard to deal with, and while reading about the death of Tris's mother, it helped me see just how loving and brave her mother was. Tris and her mother are being persued by soldiers at the end, and Tris's mom told her to go without her, that she would distract the people chasing them. Tris runs, but when she looks back, her mother is shot and killed. I really felt sad when reading this part of the story because I put myself into Tris's shoes and imagined what it would be like in her position. I would feel guilt, anger at the soldiers, but most of all, sadness and admiration for my mother. In this book, a popular saying among factions is "faction before blood," that you should always put your faction before any family member. Tris's mom was really an inspiration for me because she gave her life for her daughter despite the fact that she was in a different faction, and defied the government. She also showed just how loving she was as a person.  These deep thoughts and emotions are the reason that I loved this book. I was always thinking throughout the book and putting myself in the shoes of the main character, who was very easy to relate to. What would you feel if you were Tris, and what do you think about the idea of leaving your family to follow your heart? Could you do it?

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