At some point in a person's life, they've probably been gone up against somebody that they respect. Whether it be in a sport or debate. Well, in the third book of the Reckoners series following Steelheart and Firefight, Calamity, has the main character, David, having to go against his mentor, Prof, who has turned bad. The book is set in a dystopian future where criminals get superpowers and are called epics. David is part of a group called the Reckoners, who are trying to take down the epics. Prof was the original leader of the Reckoners, but he discovered that he was an epic is now trying to dominate his surrounding areas. David’s main goal throughout the book is to get Prof to come back from his powers and be good again.

A theme that was explored throughout this book is forgiveness. Prof continuously kills people and terrorizes cities without a justified reason, but David constantly forgives Prof for what he is doing because he doesn’t believe the real ‘Prof’ is the one doing all these terrible things. I thought that the use of this particular theme was used well and was a driving force to explain what exactly David was doing and why he didn't give up on that easily, when the rest of the people he was working with, thought Prof had done too many horrible things to be forgiven. This could also often relate to reality in that people keep forgiving somebody that may be past being forgiven by almost everybody else. The book also made me think more highly in forgiveness that once you forgive somebody, you completely change your viewpoint on them as opposed to when you don't forgive someone for something. I liked everything about this book, except for the way it ended because something comes up near the end of the book and this event is something that has a lot of significance in the book’s setting. I thought that it was rushed through quickly and I really wasn't completely sure what happened even on a second reading. It was kind of confusing and it left me unsatisfied just because of about the last thirty pages.

Compared to the other books in the series, Calamity explores the world a lot more as opposed to the first two books which are mainly in only city for the entire book. This book also is a lot more fast paced in that a lot more is going in and it just all happens very fast. There are also a lot more new characters being introduced which for the most part I liked and was able to connect to them.

Overall, I thought the book was good, even though the ending left me unsatisfied, which doesn't make me like Calamity as much as the first two books. If somebody were to read this book, reading the first two books, will give the reader the backstory and give some more clarity on what's going on in the book. Despite the ending, I would still recommend reading Calamity after reading the first two books if you like graphic novels or YA Fiction. If you've read this book or have anything say about it comment on this post.

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