Examples of freedom and acceptance in by Before You Amber Hart

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Before You by Amber Hart

Examples of freedom and acceptance in Before You by Amber Hart

Have you ever worn something completely normal to you, but when a family member sees you they call you out for dressing “inappropriately “ or too revealing? It is very aggravating to have to explain and deal with, but even more so when you're forced to change. In the popular novel that is always all checked out, Before You by Amber Hart, Faith, the main character faces obstacles that prevent her from being one hundred percent herself. Her father is a priest, so she's expected to be perfect and dress accordingly. She doesn't have the freedom to be herself, and that is something a lot of people are afraid of. She can't speak what's truly on her mind and she can't dress the way she wants to, she has to pretend to be somebody she isn't. What's worse, is that to do what she wants, she has to sneak around and do those things. Until she finally confesses to her dad her feelings and he grants her permission and freedom to be herself, she's trapped living a “perfect and pure” life.
No one truly realizes how precious their freedom is until it gets taken away from them. Luckily, not many people face problems like Faith does, and thanks to this awesome novel, I got to take a walk through her world. I got to feel her emotions, and experience important moments in her life, like when she met her love Diego, and slowly throughout the book, I got to witness her changing. Her personality, her insecurities, what she thought was right and what was wrong. From being super uptight and stubborn, to super pumped up wanting to party all the time. It amazed me how only one person, Diego, could make such a difference in her behavior, and how one person can totally change the other person.
A huge problem with society is what is socially acceptable and what is unacceptable. Body image, how rich you are and the way you dress are a huge problem with today's media, and it is affecting a lot of people causing them to break down. The people who Faith was forced to hang out with were all dancers and jocks and outside of school it was the church committee. Obviously, all the groups that were very strict about the people who joined them, and Faith was always worried about being able to stay with those people. She wanted to be seen as acceptable. But she also wanted to be accepted for being herself, as many people want, but sadly, it seemed that she couldn't be who she was because she wasn't accepted for being herself.
All in all, freedom and acceptance are more important than we think. Imagine living in a world where you couldn't be yourself, and you felt trapped and judged all the time. I'm glad that the novel Before You helped me see through Faiths point of votes in life.

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