Laughter, dumb ideas, secrets, and trust. Just some things that are common in many relationships around the world. But what happens on the other side of these relationships? Backlash, stubbornness, and words that can never be taken back. Over time one side of these relationships rises above the other and can continue the fun or self destruct all it's own. The reactions to what happens in relationships is part of the key plot in The Truth About Us and Dangerous Girls. In The Truth About Us, a teenage girl named Jess struggles to find her place in the world, makes some not so smart decisions, and ends up without her phone and forced to help in a soup kitchen until she learns her lesson. In Dangerous Girls, a teen girl named Anna is held accountable for the murder of her best friend, though she pleads innocent. Both these novels have the same starting point of relationships, but one focuses on the negative while the other is more positive.

            Janet Gurtler, the author of The Truth About Us, displays the hardship of relationships but the overcoming of it and making that relationship even stronger. Jess meets a boy named Flynn at the shelter and they both fall for each other and develop an understanding relationship (Aww classic love story). The only problem is their opposite roles in society catch the disapproval of many that are close to them, forcing them to fight for each other. You see this right here is what frustrates me the most, honestly what's the big deal if a wealthy girl and poor boy love each other! If they don't care about the money then other people shouldn't judge their relationship based on it. I do however like the author's choices in this book because it's from the perspective of Jess which helps me relate since she's a girl around my age. This book is a great demonstration of how love reigns higher than money does and that money has no hand in any one relationship. Also, Janet Gurtler's choice of having them fight for each other and prove others wrong about their relationship really showed how much they care about each other. Personally, I think that that should've happened in Romeo & Juliet, too, but stupid Friar John just had to get there too late, I mean come on man priorities!

       Abigail Haas, the author of Dangerous Girls, shows the outcome of a destructive friendship and how something seeming so perfect contains bubbling lava underneath (don't let that volcano erupt). She writes from the perspective of Anna and how she's coping in the situation of the brutal murder of her best friend, Elise, and how she's taken accountable for it. That would just seriously stink to 1) lose your best friend and 2) be taken accountable for it even though you didn't do anything! Talk about misfortune and the outcome of a volcano that erupted. Truly, this is just another good life lesson for choosing your friends wisely and staying away if they show bad qualities, you never know what kind of trouble they can get you into! Abigail's writing style for this was Anna flashing back and forth from the present to the past. I personally didn't like that that much because it got confusing that times but it did make sense to show the leading up events to Elise's death. Anna and Elise were partners in crime and made dumb decisions together, the continuing if the stupid ideas is what really did form their friendship and ended it at the same time (Hugs not drugs).

            These two books were both similar because they were both from the perspective if a teen girl and they showed the plus and minuses of relationships. However, they both were very different with their outcomes and taught the similar but different life lessons of choose your friends wisely and know what you're fighting for. I really liked both of these books because honestly it was so hard to put them down and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I'd definitely recommend Dangerous Girls because the ending is SO GOOD. But, that doesn't mean just skip to the ending, you have to read all of it, duh. I'd totally recommend The Truth About Us because it shows how someone's life can totally turn around from the worst to the best which I think is really inspiring, especially if you need something to help pick you up again.

                                  But seriously, I really recommend both of these books they're so good! If you loved them too, make sure to comment once you finish!

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