Everybody has their own unique and different problems, but the difference lies in how a person handles their problems or issues. In an episode of Family Guy, Chris gets paddled on the first day of school for being a freshmen and he joins the peace corps to avoid this problem. Similarly in the book, Winger, the main character, Ryan Dean, has a lot of problems that he must handle but he ignores them which lead to even more problems.

Ryan Dean is having trouble with his girlfriend and has severed many of his friendships and he simply wants to ignore it. He thinks, “the entire state of Oregon...would want me dead. I was on thin ice, but I didn’t care”(423).This shows that he is clearly ignoring despite the fact that many people are angry at him and that he just is ignoring it without making any attempts to rekindle his relationships. Despite Chris’s problem being less complex than Ryan Dean’s they both handle it very similarly in that they both try to escape them or ignore them because they will always be there if there isn't anything done to find a solution. Chris doesn't feel accepted as shown in the picture and neither does Ryan Dean as seen in the quote. Both of these characters are trying to find solutions to the problem and that is the endgame in both of these stories, to get their life together. Solving these problems brings a resolution to both of these stories.

They both eventually solve their problems in that Ryan Dean says, “I came to apologize to you”(449), in many different versions to many different people in order to fix his relationships. Chris goes back to high school and is able to stand up to the bullies and overcome his fear.

Smith, Andrew. Winger. New York, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2013

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