This month, I read Vanish by Sophie Jordan after discovering that it was the sequel to the book Firelight. I remembered reading Firelight last year and loving it so I thought its sequel would be even better. Last year around this time, I was captivated by the book from the first page. The writing style drew me in and I couldn't put it down. However, this year, when I read the sequel, I was surprised to find myself almost bored with it. It seemed a little cliche and uninteresting.

I wonder what caused this change in my opinion. Obviously, it wasn't the writing style of the author. So what could it have been? I came to realize that events in our lives change our perspectives on books and that maybe that's what shapes the type of books you prefer. It was surprising how one year could cause such a huge change. Do you agree? What do you think could change one's preference of books? Did you read the books and feel the same way? I'm not sure what changed my opininon but I'm going to try the third book in the trilogy(Hidden)when it comes out and see if I feel the same way. Maybe the third one will be better.

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Comment by Yuri Shibata on May 17, 2012 at 8:16pm

I must agree. I've also gone through a similar change this year. Before this year, I would only read fiction books. I couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to read a nonfiction book. Now, I can't understand why people wouldn't want to read a nonfiction book! The majority of the books I read and enjoy are now non-fiction.


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