Crank by Ellen Hopkins, a book that I never thought my hands would be holding. I'm so glad that my friends read this book then decided to put it in my hands for me to try reading. Towards the being I was not really into it because it wasn't really the kind of books I like. It was set up very different and I didn't really understand the layout, and how it was spouse to be read.
Kristina is a normal sophomore in high school. But the only thing is her parents are divorced and her dad lives in Albuquerque and she hasn't seen him in a very long time. It is ordered by the court for her to go and see her dad for a few weeks. Her mom doesn't like that she has to go because he's addicted to drugs and boozes, lives in a nasty apartment and works at a bowling alley which had done not-so-nice activities. Kristina is not enjoying her stay with her dad until she meets Adam and the monster. All she cared about now was her romance and "Bree". Bree is Kristina when Kristina is high on drugs. Her moods are changing, she's now always grounded for lying all the time and she is having affairs with different guys and the guys have no idea. Her dad doesn't notice that she's changing because he never really knew her before she came. But when she goes back home her mom notices right away the difference in her. Her mom makes her stay home because she is scared and worried about her, but "Bree" is always sneaking out of the house just to go get high because she thinks that what makes her feel better. Kristina doesn't agree but Bree takes over every time. Bree finds drug dealers for her so here mom doesn't see or find that she has drugs. Meanwhile Kristina is still trying to come out but Bree is so strong. But then Bree has one night affair that changes her forever, making Kristina have come out. Kristina the one that can be trusted had to now takeover because Kristina was gonna have a baby and she didn't want anything to happen to it. Bree was still trying to come out, but Kristina can't let her. Sadly she does let Bree out. Only 2 times, but she does get high and Kristina knows that's so bad for the baby. But there is a relief when the baby is born and Kristina (not Bree) says I love my son and Hunter and I'm so thankful for him.
While this book touches on being high and how life changes dramatically if you get into drugs. But I can pull out that, if you have to change into someone totally different just to hind something you don't want people seeing. Then you should not be doing what you are hiding because you should be proud of what you are doing at all times. Your life is your life and you should be proud of everything you do and not have to change something just so people don't know your doing it. Be proud of who you are, don't be ashamed of anything. Don't hide things you will regret later in life. Never hide a thing. "Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness" (Allen Ginsberg)

Feel free to ask any questions about Crank and let me know if you've read one of these books and what you thought about them. Hope you guys will read this book. It's a great book for everyone.

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