I enjoyed Fallout by Ellen Hopkins. Fallout is the third book in her Crank series. Fallout focuses on three of Kristina's five children who are struggling with the legacy of her drug addiction.
Hunter is a college student with a great job and a wonderful girlfriend, but cannot seem to control the compulsion to use drugs and cheat on his relationship. He gets haunted by his own eyes. He thinks that he has his father's eyes but he's never meet his father and he wonders what makes him, him.
Autumn struggles with panic attacks and OCD. During her school day, no one notices her and she struggles until she meets the special one.
Summer has been in and out of many foster homes majority of her life and still struggles with the abuse she suffered as a small child with both her father's girlfriends and a foster father.
This book, Fallout explains how these three children come together and find each other, and guide each other through what life hands them.
Overall I thought this book was very intriguing because it was about how the children react to how the parents treated them. I could never put this book down because the way the book was laid out made it flow so easily, and I could just continue to read on. It really touched me because I could really feel the emotions these kids/adults were feeling through the words Hopkins used throughout the entire book. I believe that this one was really different compared to Crank because it was a totally different story. Crank was all about Kristina and her struggles throughout life and Fallout is so positive once the siblings come and find each other to help one another out. Even though they are in the same serious they have totally different impacts. Crank made me think of how drugs are horrible for you, and how they can totally ruin your life. This book was very negative. Fallout was uplifting because it showed that even though you parents are some type of person and they think you as the kids will turn out the same, the kids can come together and overcome everything the parents did to them together. This book gave me hope for each of Kristen's kids, because they all had each other's backs, once they all found each other.
This book taught me to always stick with the people that love you. They know you the best. Go and find people that believe and trust in you. Siblings are those type of people, they will have your back no matter what has happened in your past life. The one question I have after reading this book, is did all the kids stick together through their entire life. But as the series goes on, I hope that I will find out.
Feel free to ask any questions about Fallout and let me know if you've read one of these books and what you thought about them. Hope you guys will read this book. It's a great book for everyone.


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