Writer's block can basically be defined as when a writer is unable to write something new. Which can be pretty crippling, seeing as how writing is a writer's only job! We've all faced writer's block at one point or another in our careers as students, whether you're up at two in the morning trying to think of the perfect conclusion to an essay, or brainstorming your next blog post on the Ning. Everyone is familiar with this feeling, when you're drawing a blank and have no idea what to put on paper next. Every student, and writer in general, has confronted, and eventually gotten past writer's block.

But how do they do it? Everyone has their own solution to writer's block that works for them. Many people, like myself, try taking a break for a while and just walk away from the assignment or work as a whole. It helps take my mind off it and gets the creative juices flowing. This break can be in the form of having a snack, taking a walk, going out for a drive, listening to music, etc. All of which I did while writing this blog! I also know students who are the type to just bust out an entire paper with no breaks. They don't leave their desk until whatever they started is finished. I will never understand how they do it.

Now here are some fun facts about writer's block:

Comment below with your own solutions to writer's block!

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