Analysis of "Every Day" by David Levithan.

People say, “don't judge a book by it's cover.” “It's the personality that counts.” But do we really believe this is true? Can we really assume that if we were totally different on the outside, then our friends would still accept us? Do you believe that if you woke up one day as a 300 pound man your friends would still talk to you? Yes? No? No matter what your answer may be you may find a different perspective in the novel Everyday. In this novel, A is the name given to the main character, although some may not specify him as a character. That's because A is neither boy or girl and never wakes up in the same body as the day before. Although he has the same personality traits, it never knows what appearance it will get. It's been this way ever since it has been alive. A goes through everyday trying to never mess up relationships with the person's body it is in because the next day that person will have to deal with the mishaps. In doing this he spends the majority of his life thinking about other people and their relationships. This changes one day when he wakes up in the body of a boy named Justin. Right from the beginning A knows he does not like the body he's in. He makes Justin out to be lazy, self absorbed, and mean. But he forces himself to not screw up his life even though he gladly would. He goes to school and this girl walks up to him. A is able to access the persons memories he is in and after doing this he knows this is Justin's girlfriends he also knows that Justin treats her very poorly. A feels differently right away it almost seems A is in love. The girls name is Rhiannon a shy laid back girl that let Justin do everything. A runs away with her to the beach not thinking about anyone else's feelings except for his own. But what he didn't think of is how he is going to move on after this day after just falling in love? Is Rhiannon even able to love him back? She thinks he'snher boyfriend from the appearence but she doesn't realize it's a different person on the inside and she's falling in love with this person too.

Everyday, mainly touches on the big idea of love. But this isn't the marriage type of love. This is the immature “love” we have as freshman which I'm sure you can relate to. It does this in a way where it makes you intrigued on how he's going to find this girl everyday after being moved farther and farther apart. How A will be seeing Rhiannon while trying to not mess up the person's life he's in. David Levithan turns something so unrealistic and makes it seem like something that could happen to the reader with the snap of a finger.

After reading this book I believe David Levithan may be saying these days, people look more for looks over personality and I would totally agree. Looks play a big part in love. A, waking up everyday as a new person makes it really hard for Rhiannon to love him. “She looks at me.’But you don't believe that, do you? You wouldn't have called me if you believed that.’ She looks down at our hands. ‘This is weird,’ she says. ‘What?’ She squeezes once, then pulls her hand away. ‘This.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘It's not like the other day. I mean, it's a different hand. You're different.’ ‘But I'm not.’ ‘You can't say that. Yes, you're the same person inside. But the outside matters, too’” (Levithan 130). The eyes keep you at surface level while the heart penetrates deeper.

Mr. Anderson recommended this book to me and I have to say I'm happy he opened my eyes up to a genre that I don't have much experience in. Reading this book there is so much you can relate to when reading about A. A represents a different type of person everyday and a lot of it is like Fremd high school. No matter who you are boy girl, out going shy in at least one chapter you will be able to relate to A. When writing this blog I kept on saying he and I had to go back and change it to it and I realized I was doing this because I was trying to make A me.
Finally, below is the link for the trailer of the book and David Levithan talking about it.

I hope you decide to read this book! I would love to read any comments or questions you have below.

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