Storm Breaker is the first book in a series of 10, and a part of the Alex Rider series. The story is about your average 14 year old schoolboy in London, named Alex Rider. When Alex's uncle, Ian Rider, dies due to a "car accident,"  Alex Rider is confused, knowing Ian was a careful man, and would have always worn his seat belt. Upon investigation, Alex finds the car, completely undamaged, except for one glaring thing. Bullet holes in the window. Alex is then thrust into a world full of espionage, secrets, and betrayal, as he realizes that Ian Rider was not, in fact, a simple bank manager, but an extremely season MI6 agent. Alex also realizes that Ian has been discreetly training Alex to become the ultimate agent, by teaching him martial arts since the age of 4, and learning 3 different languages. Alex is put on a mission that his uncle was assigned to, and he has to get to the bottom of a mystery involving a wealthy billionaire, Harold Sayle, and a plot involving computers that could potentially wipe out half the population of England!


Obviously, I'm not going to get any further than that, because those would be spoilers, and this is a book that you definitely want to enjoy. I found myself reading up till 2 in the morning, engrossed by Alex's enthralling and harrowing escapes, and his brushes with death, and his quest to stop the deadliest bioterrorist the world has ever known. I would almost definitely recommend this book to anybody, as its thrill and suspense would engross any normal human being. Anthony Horowitz's fantastic writing style makes this book all the more enjoyable, as he is a master at flawlessly telling his suspenseful stories so good, you can actually visualize the entire story in your head.


I have embedded a video down below, just as a quick introduction to the Storm Breaker book.

Alex Rider Blog Post Video


But what about you guys? Have any of you read Storm Breaker, or any of the other books in the Alex Rider series? And if so, how did you like them? Please feel free to leave your comments and questions down below

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Comment by Lily Ho on May 27, 2014 at 10:11pm

This brings back a lot of memories for me~ I read and finished the Alex Rider series in late elementary school and I remember loooooooooooving these books! And I still do~ I remember rereading some of them too. I really like all the books since I like action stories and I find it even more interesting since Alex is a teenager like us. And I like how the books take us through his life as he grows up

Comment by Daniel Tokarz on May 28, 2014 at 7:05pm

Oh wow, I remember the first time I read Stormbreaker, and the rest of the series.  To this day, it's right up there with Harry Potter, among my favorite book series.  All I can say is, don't stop reading them now, because the best is still to come, if you've only read book 1


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