A Comparitve Post Regarding Intelligence v. Brawn

      How's it rollin, my radical dudes? Just as a heads up, because I don't wanna be called a bogus spoiler-broski, this is a blog about the striking resemblances in the core idea of Dan Abnett’s Brothers of the Snake, a fantastic novel of which I have already made a review of, and Dan Abnett’s Double Eagle, another radical novel that I read just recently, and as you cool broskis will read, they both got some pretty near-interchangeable core thoughts and key themes. Before we start this comparison, a reminder: Broseph, if you don't wanna have a totally unrad, uncool, and all-around bogus time by not reading Brothers of The Snake or Double Eagle by Dan “Saint” Abnett then motor off this page, my dude!

     It's obvious that our world will never be fully peaceful and willing to unify. It has been that way since the beginning of times, with the first creatures in the sea adapting over time to try to kill the opposition and take what they see to be necessary to their survival, to today's world, which lives in constant threat of a nuclear terror from other countries that want the world free of all but them. Even in the future, if not for some intervention from an alien species, or a discovery of a livable planet within the span of an average human’s lifespan, we will mostly likely turn this fair Earth into a black, 
smothered-with-poison hellhole with nothing able to survive no longer due to our natural inability to protect whatever we have left due to wanting more. Dan Abnett’s Brothers of the Snake and Double Eagle both demonstrate a key idea that is omnipresent throughout: Although the strong control the weak, the wise slaughter the dull.

     Now how in tarnation would one find that theme in books about some mindless, absolutely jacked, xenophobic, bloodthirsty genetic space crazies that look more like power ranger-wannabes, which also have an undying, blind, pure devotion to their Emperor, which is more of a fancy corpse on a shiny throne, tbh my dudes. Also guys that wear heavy armour, like ballistic vests, but are treated as wearing tissue paper due to the harsh horrors of space coming at them like a train full of trains full of trains. Woah. Well it's simple, as a matter of fact, my dude. Just look at the main characters, and how they manage to survive, using their wits and abilities, against the hellish abominations that come at ‘em from left, right, and center. 

     Priad of Damocles is the main character of Brothers of The Snake. He is a space marine, which in short, is a genetic uberhuman that has every quality, increased ten-fold. Save of course for his humanity and his mindset, which has been replaced with sheer, in most cases blind loyalty to the Emperor, a once great leader now an unmoving psychic bag o’ bones skeleton on a throne. Grody, I know. For Priad, as a Space Marine, this is seen with his unnatural and frankly reactions to Antoni asking for water and feeling afraid of the aliens that had invaded her home, and, ya knoww, slayed a whole bunch of her fellow countrymen/women, children and the like. Priad is a demigod, but is unable to clearly understand common human emotions or thoughts. However, although Priad has lost his human senses, they have been more than adequately replaced with incredible strength and ingenious battle senses that allow Priad to be a master at what he was made for: combat. To give an example, the first section of Brothers of The Snake, where Priad is called to the planet of Baal Solock to stop an invasion of primuls, or hostile aliens. The well-equipped human soldiers are no match for the primuls, being decisively decimated in their first encounter. When Priad went on his alien hunting trip, he did not only sustain no injuries, but he was able to, using his superior battle plans and principles, outmaneuver and outplay the primuls to the extent that all were dead by his hand within a week. A very simple, yet effective example in which Dan Abnett focused on showing the power that the wise can call upon to destroy their foes.


     On the other hand, there is no definite main character in Double Eagle, yet the one with the most focus put on them is Darrow, a young pilot that is part of the Phantine XX, a Planetary Defense Force, or PDF, which is a group of pilots that are the first, and usual only, line of aerial offense against an enemy attacking the planet. He is an amateur, not having much experience with flying, only having a quick witted nature and to add to his unfortunate case of just not being fit for the job, he is targeted time and time again by an enemy ace, Obarkon. Obarkon is a pilot of Chaos, and is infamously known for his skill and deadly ship, yet is shown to be cocky and overconfident, usually playing around with “prey” that he sees as having some level of skill. In the final encounter between Darrow and Obarkon, Obarkon instinctively goes after Darrow’s plane, again due to wanting to play around with his “prey”, yet is caught entirely off guard when Darrow’s ally Marquall enters the chase, which results in Obarkon’s eventual death. And although only Darrow makes it out of the encounter alive, the infamous, unbeatable, and “untouchable” ace Obarkon is now dead due to being outnumbered and outgunned due to his own straightforward and poor rationale that he “couldn't be beaten”, while Darrow comes up with a simple, effective plan.


     To really pull all this back together, we can truly see that the worlds of Dan Abnett’s novels show the shared theme of the strong, although powerful in their own right, are far weaker than the wise. While Priad in Brothers Of the Snake is a space marine, the superhuman unit of the Imperium, he uses his wits to quickly and decisively annihilate the a primul infestation of Baal Solock, akin to Darrow, the ordinary and crafty human from Double Eagle, and shows his inner intellect by outplaying an infamous and dangerous ace with an ally, showing once again that brute force just don't cut it when up against a clever and perceptive mind.

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