As summer approaches and the school year comes to a close, I thought about my sophomore year and how it went over the past several months. While replaying the whole thing in my head, I realized how big of an impact all of my classes had, specifically, my english class.


On the first day of my sophomore year, I was ready for another long, grueling year of high school. When I stepped into my sixth period english class, I saw a couple familiar faces, but the rest of the students were people who I've never spoken to. Nervous, I sat down and waited for the teacher to present the syllabus and whatnot. Because I had Mrs. Weidig last year, I thought that this year, I might have an even more energetic teacher, so I was somewhat cautious when I saw Mr. Anderson come into the classroom. At first glance, I thought Mr. Anderson was another teacher, just trying to passby the humdrum life that I would think a teacher has. However, I was definitely proved wrong. On the contrary, Mr. Anderson is a teacher who really cares about how he's teaching his students and how he's presenting information. I'm not saying that other teachers are nonchalant about their teaching, but Mr. Anderson took specific care and knows what is unneccesary and what isn't. Sometimes, Mr. Anderson gives us a sheet of paper and asks us to answer the question, What's not wrong? Obviously, a lot of things in this world are wrong, but what are the things in this world that are worth enjoying? At first, I didn't take this seriously and just wrote some random response. After a while, I kind of went into it and really thought about what isn't wrong in my life. If going to school is my only pain of the day, I'm luckier than a vast majority of the world. Mr. Anderson and the sixth period english class made a lot of my sophomore year. I learned a lot while enjoying the whole ride.


How about you? How was your school year? Have you made nice memories this year?


Questions? Comments? Leave them down below!

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Comment by Yuri Shibata on May 17, 2012 at 7:32pm

I must say, I completely agree with you about what you said about Mr. Anderson. He really is a wonderful teacher - probably one of my best and favorite teacher's of all time! I really enjoyed the What's Not Wrong? activity too. It always injects a bit of positivity in my life and reminds me that life shouldn't be taken for granted. 

To answer your question, my school year was great! Sophomore year has definitely been way better than my freshmen year. Compared to my previous school, Fremd has offered me a lot more opportunities such as challenging courses, great teachers, a positive learning environment, and other excellent opportunities. I was even able to make some new friends, which is always nice.

Comment by Margaret Chojnowska on May 18, 2012 at 2:28pm

My school year has actually beenreally great this year. At first, I thought sophomore year was going to be terrible but it turned out pretty great. My English class this year has also been great because of my teacher Ms. Berdick. Although she is a pretty tough grader, she explains things with ease and make them make sense to us. Because of her, Midsummer Night's Dream was a breeze for me!

Comment by Neel Saunshi on May 26, 2012 at 4:08pm

Nice reflection Mr. Jun. I felt that Mr. A's class was one of the classes that I looked forward to everyday. He showed us these cool games like the " Molly and Ned" game, it was such a challenging game for our class, but  the answer was so obvious. Mr. Anderson definitely brought a lot of enthusiasm into his classes.

Comment by Melissa Chyan on May 27, 2012 at 11:47pm

Yup. English class this year was refreshing. My favorite part is the freedom in our essays.


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