Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year

Almost everyone's seen the familiar words.  "Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year" is the title of countless Facebook albums along with lots of hearts and smileys.  It just turned into something people used to describe sophomore year without anyone really realizing it.  Most people never even stopped to question what the title actually meant, they just liked the way it looked or sounded, but I can personally vouch for its truth.  Well, half of it at least.

I never thought my friends and I would be the types of people that would fall into the "Sophomore slump" but we did.  It wasn't intentional.  I fully intended to keep doing all of my homework exactly on time and not procrastinate and be the perfect student I'd always been trained to be, but as the year went on I found myself caring less and less.  I saw it happening with everyone else too.  Instead of doing our homework thoroughly the night before, we started leaving it for the next day during class, only doing as much as it took to get by.  I'm not really sure what happens to sophomores but it's happened to me and my friends.  Maybe it's senioritis come two years early, but I'm hoping it's just the sophomore slump.

Has anyone else fallen into the sophomore slump lately?  What do you think happens?

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Comment by blythe baird on May 22, 2012 at 7:41pm

i totally agree- i found myself in a sophomore slump during third quarter! i think we as 2nd year schoolers lose the motivation because high school isn't new and scary and exciting like it is when you're a freshman, and you also don't have the opportunities and advantages that the upperclassmen have yet. it's a frustrating place to be. however, this past quarter, i've really worked hard to improve my grades to make up for my slumpy schtick earlier- and it's paid off!

Comment by Dorothy Feng on May 23, 2012 at 12:02am

It's so funny because I always go into the year thinking to myself, "I will try my very best in every single class and turn everything in on time and sleep at 10 oclock every night!". But by the end of the year, I am saving my homework and studying for almost literally the very last second. I've noticed it with people around me too. A lot of people are saying something along the lines of, "Oh, I'm just on the verge of a B and an A because I forgot to turn this in and turn that in. Darn. I actually have to try now," which is pretty silly since you're always *supposed* to try. But honestly, it takes a lot of brain power to follow the same strict routine everyday and to have so much information flooding into your mind everyday. After a while, it just gets a tad tiring.

Comment by Jesse Ott on May 23, 2012 at 10:39am

I have had this feeling all year.  I always find a way to do my work in class and never at home.  It has become my way of life to do everything at the last minute.  I think I just enjoy the pressure of trying to finish everything with zero time left.  But lately, I have noticed that my care for school in general has decreased.  My grades are still where I want them to be, but it seems like it is getting harder to finish the day.  I think this feeling really hit me after AP testing.  I felt like school was over, but in reality, most of my classes still moved forward.  I just hope this sense of procrastination does not happen next year when everyone is overwhelmed with a lot more work. 

Comment by Lauren Seitz on May 25, 2012 at 12:45am

I've definitely fallen into some kind of sophomore slump. I've procrastinated like crazy this year, but partly also because I try to fit too much into my day. The way I think about it is I'd like to just enjoy things while I have them, and if I have loads of homework to do and it's not enjoyable, why should I spend so much of my time on it? Enjoy the day while it's bright out, do homework at night. Which usually leads to a messed up routine of only a few hours of sleep or accidentally falling asleep while working. Not quite sure if that's the famous sophomore slump, but like Caili said before me, it's just too routine. I simply want summer. 

Comment by Michelle Baum on May 27, 2012 at 9:11pm

I totally agree! I have found myself just not caring. I frequently find myself forgetting about homework or just procrastinating until the very last second. People at my lunch table are constantly trying to finish homework that's due the next period. I think it might be because we are over how "cool" we thought high school was as freshman and have discovered ways to do our homework in other classes. We feel like there's too much of high school left so let's just give up now. Summer being right around the corner doesn't help much either! Nice post!

Comment by Sarah Przybyla on May 28, 2012 at 2:23pm

HI Jacquelyn!!! (: I definitely agree. I told myself countless times at the beginning of the year that this year was going to be amazing, and my grades were going to be fantastic, and I wasn't going to procrastinate. ...Too bad that didn't last very long. After a while, you just start getting so sick of trying to be the perfect student, so then you slowly start to put in less effort in school, and start procrastinating more and more. And eventually, when it gets to be May, you're basically just hoping that you get passing grades on your tests. And then all you want is summer.

Comment by Jacquelyn Watson on May 28, 2012 at 9:14pm

Thank goodness I'm not the only one in this situation!  I also totally agree with most of you that there's part of it that we're all just tired of trying to be the perfect student all the time.  Summer coming certainly doesn't help either.  Everyone just sort of stops caring about school.  Thanks everyone for commenting :)


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