Suzanne Collins has been in the public eye a lot lately because the movie version of her worldly famous book series The Hunger Games comes out this Friday. But Collins wasn’t always the well known award winning author she is today. Suzanne was born on August 11th in 1962. Her father was an Air Force officer so she spent most of her childhood moving around. She studied Theatre Arts in high school and graduated with a double major in Drama and Telecommunications from Indiana University. In 1991 Collins’ career really began, where she was a writer for children’s television shows. She was a big contributor to the Nickelodeon channel. She wrote for shows like, Clarissa Explains It All, Little Bear, and Oswald. I used to watch Little Bear all the time so I thought it was interesting to think that the woman who wrote one of my favorite books also wrote for one of my favorite shows when I was younger. Also, if you read the famous book series Clifford’s Puppy Days you might now just be learning that Collins was the head writer for it.

              Later in her career Collins then became a children’s books author. Her New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles came out between 2003 and 2007. Her five books of the series were inspired by the idea she thought of about Alice in Wonderland and how it was more likely for kids to be found in an urban setting rather than a meadow and to fall down a man hole instead of a rabbit hole. This creativity she had to think from a child’s realistic perspective is probably what helped her writing become so well known and successful. In September 2008, her fist book of the trilogy The Hunger Games was released. The two books that followed were Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Collins has had much success since the publication of The Hunger Games and according to Time magazine, she was one of the most influential people of 2010.

Where is she now? Since The Hunger Games trilogy is finished Suzanne lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children. Right now she is in the process of creating a picture book with James Proimos.

I read The Hunger Games myself and experienced first hand the creative and powerful writing style Collins has. Although action books are not always my favorite The Hunger Games was a book that had enough action to keep it suspensful and enough character relationships to keep it interesting. I think the whole trilogy is a good read for kids and adults and a captivating new type of story line.

Here’s the trailer for the movie version of The Hunger Games, which comes out March 23rd. I recommend you read the book and see the movie.

If you’ve read the book, The Hunger Games are you going to see the movie? And what are your thoughts about Suzanne as a writer?

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Comment by Christiana Kim on March 19, 2012 at 9:27pm

Yes! I am hoping to go to the midnight premiere since tickets have not sold out yet. I don't want to come into school on Friday and hear anything from people who went to the premiere because I am afraid that I'll develop a bias if I hear that it's good or bad, and that will just spoil the movie for me. I have really high expectations for this movie, as the movies for the Twilight saga proved to be a dud. I am hoping that it will not disappoint, especially since I like the book many times better than Twilight, anyway.

I am really glad that you chose to write about Suzanne's background. Now that I know more about her and how she developed as a writer up till writing the Hunger Games, I can see that she truly does have a good sense of perspective. The style in which she writes the Hunger Games is easy to follow but still well-written at the same time. I definitely think she did a great job writing from Katniss's teenager perspective.

Comment by Caroline Pasisis on March 19, 2012 at 10:26pm

YES I am going to see the movie! I am a big fan of the book and cannot wait! I think Suzanne is a great writer with an amazing sense of imagination. This was so interesting to read! I am shocked to hear about her career in Nickelodeon as well as in her other children's books. Wow, imagine being Susanne's two children. What a cool mom!

Comment by Michelle Baum on March 20, 2012 at 7:19pm

I am very excited for this movie, and love her books as well! Intense action novels are not usually my thing, so I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed The Hunger Games. I think Collins did a wonderful job not making the scenes where tributes die  too gruesome. Also, she did a great job making it to appeal to such a variety of people, males and females of all ages. I had no idea that she was a children's author either! 

Comment by Jessica Islas-Parker on March 20, 2012 at 9:29pm

I have read the book maybe 4 times, and I am so excited to see the movie. I'm going to the midnight premire!! I guess I never really gave much thought to the "woman behind the curtain" so to speak. I'd  really like to know where Collins got her inspiration from. Thanks for this blog, I had never thought of getting to know Suzanne Collins, but now I will!

Comment by Daniel Jun on March 21, 2012 at 9:54pm

When I first read the Hunger Games, I was kind of angry. It was an American remake of the Japanese novel Battle Royale. So I picked it up, fully expecting a crap book, but found myself drawn into the vivid world of Suzanne Collins. I really liked her Overlander series as well. Great blog

Comment by Jesse Ott on March 22, 2012 at 10:33am

I have been a fan of Collins awhile now, but I never thought of her earlier works.  I loved Little Bear and Clifford when I was younger and it is strange that my childhood shows evolved into the Hunger Games.  Great job on the blog!

Comment by Rosemary Agbeh on March 22, 2012 at 11:10am

The only books I think I've read from Suzanne is The Hunger Games Trilogy. I absolutely loved the books! Sadly I'm not going to the midnight premiere. But our english class is taking a field trip to go see the movie tomorrow morning, I'm very excited! Based off of The Hunger Games books I would say she is an amazing author. I definetly think  her work will soon be recieving popularity, since the movie will be coming out tomorrow. Thanks for posting this background information on her, because now I can see the prevous works she has written, leading up to this trilogy!

Comment by Nina McLernon on March 22, 2012 at 11:20am

I really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games. I had never heard of Suzanne before this trilogy, but I came to find she is an amazing writer. I felt like I was actually in the story and I couldn't stop reading. I definitly think she will be very successful from now on. I find it amazing that she wasn't a writer her whole life, that she studied drama instead. I guess that just shows how our lives and interests can change. Great blog!

Comment by Niki Jackson on March 22, 2012 at 5:50pm

I had no idea that Collins had written/ helped write so many other books! The Hunger Games is definitely one of my favorite series and I plan on seeing the movie. I know everyone says the books are always better than the movies but I think it will be interesting to se how close to the original story the movie comes. I really hope that they don't skip the character development and go strait for the action. For me, the action was not as important as the character's reactions to the actin and to each other.

Comment by Marlisa Wang on March 22, 2012 at 9:03pm

I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games, but weirdly enough, I've never really thought much about the author behind these books. This was a great blog to read! I've read her Underland Chronicles--they were my favorite series in 6th grade, but I've totally forgotten that she had written that because nowdays Suzanne Collins is mostly just known for The Hunger Games. The movie comes out tonight! I'm not going to the midnight premiere, but I wish I were. :( I'm predicting that tomorrow, the halls will be filled with people talking about the Hunger Games movie!


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